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This article is a work in progress.
This article is a work in progress.

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The following page is a list of the names of every miscellany appearing in Twilight Princess in every release of the game. Twilight Princess has been released in the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Korean

Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular topic in that language.



Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
TP Ganondorf Render.png
ゲルド (Gerudo) Gerudo
TP Goron Render.png
ゴロン (Goron) Goron Gorone
Tapferes Bergvolk
TP Rusl Render.png
人間 (Ningen) Human Mensch
TP Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr. Models.png
天空人 (Tenkūjin) Oocca Célestien Kumulaner Uca Eterei
TP Skull Kid Render.png
スタルキッド (Sutaru Kiddo) Skull Kid Skull Kid Horror Kid Skull Kid
Twili Schattenvolk
TP Yeto Render.png
TP Zora Render.png
ゾーラ (Zōra) Zora Zora


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
TP Rapid Ride.png Iza's Rapid Ride Teenas Kanuabenteuer
TP STAR Game.png STAR Game Star-Challenge
TP Rollgoal.jpg Rollgoal Murmelslalom
Ordongoat.jpg Ordon Herding Ziegen zusammentreiben
GC Sumo.jpg Sumo Wrestlin' Ringkampf
Cat Chat.jpg Cat Hunt
Flightgame.jpg Flight-by-Fowl Dumnus' Hühnerflugstation
Popgame.jpg Fruit Pop Flight Challenge
Sledding Abfahrt


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Grasshopper Triforce piece.png Heuschrecke 메뚜기 (Meddugi)
Jewel Beetle Triforce piece.png Prachtkäfer 비단 벌레 (Bidan Beolle)
Scarab Beetle Triforce piece.png Goldkäfer 풍뎅이 (Pungdeng'i)

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