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This article is a work in progress.
This article is a work in progress.

The editors are working to update all pertinent information as soon as possible. We apologize for any incomplete or missing information.

The following page is a list of the names of every boss and enemy appearing in Twilight Princess in every release of the game. Twilight Princess has been released in the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Korean

Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular enemy in that language.


General Enemies

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Template:Japanese Aeralfos Aeralfos
Template:Japanese Armos Armos Armos Armos Armos
Template:Japanese Baba Serpent Serpent-Dekuranha
Template:Japanese Baby Gohma Gohma-Larve
Template:Japanese Bari Bari Große Zappelqualle
Template:Japanese Beamos Sentinelle Strahlzyklop(en) Beamos
Template:Japanese Bee Biene
120px Template:Japanese Big Deku Baba Große Dekuranha
Toge Trap TP 3.png Blade Trap Klingenfalle
Template:Japanese Bokoblin Bokoblin Bokblin Bokoblin Boblin
Template:Japanese Bombfish Bombenfisch
Template:Japanese Bombling Bombinsecte Bombenkäfer
Template:Japanese Bomskit Bombenkäfer
Template:Japanese Bubble Tetdoss Knochenfratze Bubble Nembo
Template:Japanese Bulblin Bulblin
Template:Japanese Bullbo Bullbo
Template:Japanese Chilfos Firnling
Template:Japanese Chu Blobs Schleim ChuChu
Chu Worm.png
Chu Worm Schleimwurm
Template:Japanese Darknut Darknut Schattengarde Ferrus Titanus
Template:Japanese Deku Baba Mojo Baba Dekuranha
Template:Japanese Deku Like Deku-Rafflesia
Template:Japanese Dodongo Dodongo
Template:Japanese Dynalfos Dinolfos Dinodorus Dinofols
Template:Japanese Freezard Mr. Freezzard
Mr. Glace
Eisatmer Freezard
Template:Japanese Ghoul Rat Geisterratte
Template:Japanese Goron Golem Goronengolem
Template:Japanese Guay Kor-Bec Schwarze Wüstenkrähe Guey
Template:Japanese Helmasaur Eisennashorn
Template:Japanese Helmasaurus Schildnashorn
Template:Japanese Imp Poe Irrlicht
Template:Japanese Kargarok Gargorack
Template:Japanese Keese Flederbeißer
Template:Japanese Leever Sandkiller
Template:Japanese Lizalfos Lizalfos Echsalfos
Lord Bullbo.png
Template:Japanese Lord Bullbo Lord Bullbo
Template:Japanese Mini Freezard Mini Eisatmer
Template:Japanese Moldorm Gerudo-Moldorm
Template:Japanese Peahat Killeranas
Template:Japanese Poe Irrlicht-Schwestern
Template:Japanese Poison Mite
Template:Japanese Puppet Marionette
Template:Japanese Rat Ratte
Template:Japanese ReDead Knight Zombie
Template:Japanese Shell Blade Killermuschel
Template:Japanese Skulltula Totentarantel
Template:Japanese Skullwalltula Skullwandula
Template:Japanese Stalfos Stalfos
Template:Japanese Stalhound Knochenhund
Template:Japanese Stalkin Knochengänger
Staltroop Staltroop
Template:Japanese Tektite Arachno
Template:Japanese Tile Worm Plattenwurm
Template:Japanese Toado
Template:Japanese Toadpoli Bombenlurch
Template:Japanese Torch Slug Glutkriecher
Template:Japanese Shadow Kargarok
Template:Japanese Shadow Insects Schattenkäfer
Shadow Vermin
Template:Japanese Shadow Beast Dämon der Finsternis, Wesen der Finsternis, Schwarze Monster
Template:Japanese White Wolfos Eisegrims
Zant's Mask.png
Template:Japanese Zant Mask
Template:Japanese Zant's Hand Zantos Schattenhand

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Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Template:Japanese Ook Alpha Ook Uku Ook
Template:Japanese King Bulblin Roi Bulblin König Bulblin Rey Bulblin King Bulblin
Template:Japanese Dangoro Dangoross Dangoro Dangoro Dangoross
Twilit Carrier Kargarok
Template:Japanese Twilit Bloat Königin der Schatteninsekten
Template:Japanese Deku Toad Crapaud Mojo Deku-Kröte Sapo Decu Deku Rospo
Template:Japanese Skull Kid Skull Kid Horror Kid Skull Kid Skull Kid
Template:Japanese Death Sword Faucheur Todesklinge Espada de la Muerte Spada Mortis
Template:Japanese Darkhammer Marteleur Armoralfos Manguálido Martelfos
Template:Japanese Darknut Darknut Nimbusgarde Ferrus Titanus
Template:Japanese Aeralfos Aeralfos Aeralfos Aeralfos Aeralfos
Template:Japanese Phantom Zant Xanto spectral Phantom-Zanto Fantasma de Zant Zant Spettro

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Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Template:Japanese Twilit Parasite: Diababa Dionéa, Mauvaise herbe du Crépuscule Nachtschattenparasit Plantainferna Babalant, Parásito de las Sombras Nefentyax, il parassita del crepuscolo
Template:Japanese Twilit Igniter: Fyrus Magmaudit, Créature pyrogène du Crépuscule (France)
Magdoflamoth (Canada)
Flammende Bestie Flammatron Pyrus, Demonio Ígneo de las Sombras Pyrus, il vulcano del crepuscolo
Template:Japanese Twilit Aquatic: Morpheel Octolacanthe, poisson fossile du Crépuscule (France)
Octolacanthe (Canada)
Urzeitfisch Oktapesco Octópulo, Branquiosaurio de las Sombras
Template:Japanese Twilit Fossil: Stallord Humbaba, Antique Terreur Réssuscitée (France)
Humbaba (Canada)
Riesenfossilbestie Skeletulor Stallord, Fósil de las Sombras Stallord, Fossile del Crepuscolo
Template:Japanese Twilit Ice Mass: Blizzeta Blizzarnia, masse glacée du Crépuscule (France)
Blizzarnia (Canada)
Rieseneisklotz Matronia Yeta, Masa Helada de las Sombras
Template:Japanese Twilit Arachnid: Armogohma Golgohma, arachnide siliceux du Crépuscule Spinnenstatue Armogohma Armogohma, Arácnido de las Sombras
Template:Japanese Twilit Dragon: Argorok Pyrodactylus, ptérausore pyrogène du Crépuscule Fliegender Feuerdrache Argorok Argorok, Dragón de las Sombras
Template:Japanese Usurper King: Zant Xanto, usurpateur Usurpator Zanto Zant, Rey Corrupto Zant, l'usurpatore
Template:Japanese Ganon's Puppet: Zelda Ganons Marionette Zelda
Template:Japanese Dark Beast: Ganon Schattenbestie Ganon
Template:Japanese Dark Lord: Ganondorf Schattenfürst Ganondorf

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