Turtle Rock is the seventh dungeon in the Dark World, and the eleventh overall, in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It is located on Death Mountain, in the far northeastern corner of the Dark World. As its name suggests, the exterior of Turtle Rock resembles a large brown-green turtle rising out of the earth.


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On his quest to free the Seven Maidens, Link travels to Death Mountain, but upon his arrival near Turtle Rock, he finds that the entrance is sealed. He uses the Magic Mirror to travel to the Light World and finds a Dark World Portal on top of the rock, located where Turtle Rock is found in the Dark World. He uses this portal to transport himself on top of Turtle Rock, where he uses the Quake Medallion on a switch bearing its likeness to open the "mouth" of Turtle Rock. After the defeat of Trinexx, Link rescues Princess Zelda, the final Maiden.

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Turtle Rock (A Link to the Past)

The entrance to Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock consists of one main floor and three basement floors, all of which are full of puzzles, traps, and enemies. The Cane of Somaria is a crucial item in this dungeon, as most travel requires the cane to create hovering platforms. Many of the puzzles also utilize several of Link's magic-depleting items, so it is important to bring Green Potions. Once inside the first room, Sahasrahla even warns Link not to go any further without acquiring some form of magic medicine. This dungeon also introduces new enemies, including Hokboks and Bow-Wows.




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