"Ye of many tunes, I grant you a new tune! Time flows on when you play the Tune of Currents! When you play this tune, you'll immediately drift back to your own time!"
Tune of Currents

The "Tune of Currents" (ながれのしらべ Nagare no Shirabe?, Melody of Currents) is a song from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. It is the second melody Link learns on the Harp of Ages. He learns this tune from Tokkey, who can be found by diving through a patch of deep water at Coordinate 1,B. When played, this tune allows Link to travel from past into present without the use of a time portal. It does not, however, allow free passage to the past; a time portal is still required. The location where Link returned to the present is marked by a sparkling portal, which, if entered, will return Link to the past. If an object exists in the present where Link is trying to travel, he will be returned to the past.

This tune's effect is similar that of the Magic Mirror from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in that it only allows Link to travel from one "world" to another and not back.

In dungeons, the song is effective against Pols Voice. The symbol used to represent the tune is identical to the Mark of Din.

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