"Play it to move back and forth between past and present!"
— In-game description
Tune of Ages

The "Tune of Ages", also known as the "Tune of Time" (ときのしらべ Toki no Shibare?, Melody of Time), is a song from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. It is the final tune Link learns on his Harp of Ages. Link learns the "Tune of Ages" from Nayru shortly after rescuing her from Veran's control after retrieving the 6th Essence of Time.

When played, the "Tune of Ages" unlocks the harp's full capabilities and can transfer Link from the past to present and vice versa without the use of a time portal. In most instances, the "Tune of Ages" effectively replaces the "Tune of Echoes" and the "Tune of Currents". If an object exists in the location Link is trying to travel to, he will be taken back to the current age he is in.

In dungeons, the song is effective against Pols Voice. The symbol used to represent the tune is identical to the Mark of Nayru.

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