"This dried mass of plant material could come in handy. Might as well take it with you."
— In-game description

Tumbleweeds are items from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. These can be found in Lanayru Desert. They cannot be picked up by just standing on them, but they can be caught with the Bug Net. Additionally, there is a chest containing a tumbleweed found within the Lanayru Desert near the cages, which prompts Fi to inform Link that the Bug Net may have additional uses such as catching these. When tumbleweeds run into a wall or obstacle, they break apart.

The blowing of wind, and subsequent rolling tumbleweeds do not occur randomly, as it may initially appear, but rather triggers whenever Link runs over certain points. However, this will not occur if a tumbleweed is already on the ground. Locating, and repeatedly running over these points is the fastest way to get tumbleweeds. One such spot exists just outside the Lanayru Mining Facility, in front of the main set of stairs.

If Link brings Tumbleweeds to the Scrap Shop in the Bazaar, Gondo can upgrade Link's Banded Shield to the Braced Shield, and the Reinforced Shield into the Fortified Shield. Tumbleweeds are also needed to upgrade the Bug Net, and the bow. Excess tumbleweeds can be sold to Rupin at night for 20 Rupees each.

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