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Tulin of Rito Village
TotK Tulin Artwork 2
Quest Giver Tulin
Location Rito Village

"Tulin of Rito Village" is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom. Part of the Regional Phenomena quest.


Link ventured toward Rito Village in the Hebra region to investigate one of the disturbances in the kingdom. As he entered the region, he experienced sub-zero temperature than normal especially from the border of the Hebra Mountains. By the time he got there, he found the Rito Village in a deep, perpetual blizzard. All the adult Rito have gone out foraging food and the children were left to run businesses for their parents. At the top, Link met an acquaintance, Tulin, who was a fledgling Rito warrior. Along was his old friend and elder of the Rito, Teba.

Teba insisted to not let Tulin's overconfidence get the better of him, but Tulin stubbornly believed he could make a difference for the village in crisis and left. Fearing, Teba asked Link to go after him. Link walked around the village and at the starting ground of Hebra Mountains. Talking to the guards and the locals, he learned that he was inside a cave foraging food. Upon heading inside, he found another foraging Rito, who stated that Tulin spotted some monsters and rushed ahead and outside the cave to intercept them, to the Rito's reluctance. Link followed Tulin's trail and found him on top of a mountain peak, ashamed.

When Link checked on him, Tulin said he lost his bow to a large flying bat monster, who ambushed him while going after the monster group. Link then took down the bat monster, which dropped the bow and allowed Tulin to retrieve it back. He was glad to get it back with Link's help. Just then, a group of monsters appeared, but Link and Tulin drove them off together.

Tulin realized how selfish he was and understood he and Link made a great team. Just then, the two heard a mysterious male voice, beckoning them. A group of Rito warriors arrived, who are glad to see Tulin okay. They come to report that the rumors of the blizzard might had come from the turbulent vortex in the sky. They requested that Tulin and Link head into the vortex together and the two agreed to venture towards the vortex.

Atop of Hebra Peak, Link and Tulin reached some floating ruins in the sky that connected to the vortex and started their climb. On the way, they encountered ancient flying boats that somehow resembled from a children's folk song based on the blizzard event. As the two climbed higher, they eventually reach the top of the vortex and dived into the eye. To their surprise, they discovered an even larger flying ship that confirmed the reality of the folk song Tulin had heard from the village.

The two saw Princess Zelda nearby, but disappeared in their plain sight. Link used a Zonai gateway to open the center of the ship but it was locked. Link and Tulin looked around the ship and found turbine-like generators; blowing wind into them unlocked the mechanisms to the deck of the ship. After all the locks had been disengaged, the two headed back to the deck to try again.

Upon opening the gate, a large icy-covered arthropod monster emerged from the ship. Took to the skies, Link and Tulin worked together and took it down.

A glowing stone emerged from the ship's deck and Tulin took a closer look. Upon touching it, Link and Tulin are transported to an ethereal realm. Stood in front of them was the source of the male voice: A masked Rito, the Sage of Wind, and Tulin's distant ancestor. He congratulated Tulin for his courage as a young fledgling to reach him on the ship.

Explained in detail, the Sage of Wind, along with his king Rauru, and five other sages, battle against a supreme being of darkness known as the Demon King, in what was known as the Imprisoning War. The Sage of Wind and the others were no match against the Demon King's might. Rauru had decided to seal the Demon King away by sacrificing himself.

The Sage of Wind was approched by Zelda to have a message delivered. She forboded that the Demon King's seal will be broken and Link must have the support of the Rito. The Sage of Wind honored Zelda's request and vowed to pass on his role to a suitable successor.

Having delivered the message from Zelda, the Sage of Wind requested Tulin that he take up his role as the new Sage of Wind, then disappeared. With the stone still standing, and knew he gets to fight alongside Link, Tulin excitedly accepted to become the Sage of Wind and took the stone with him. With his new power, Tulin granted Link the blessing of wind.[1]

The demise of the ice-covered monster caused the blizzard that enveloped Rito Village to stop. The skies became clear and all the snow melted from the region. With the region no longer in a cold turmoil, the adult Rito returned home to their children. Teba thanked Link and Tulin for saving their village from a harsh blizzard. Tulin started to have second thoughts about Zelda that he thought to have saw, but he promised to look more about it. He also assured to Link that whenever he needed him, he can call on him anytime using his blessing.


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  1. "I, Tulin, the Sage of Wind, swear to fight by your side until the end!" — Tulin (Tears of the Kingdom)