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The Troupe of Performers[1] is a group of entertainers in Oracle of Seasons.


At the beginning of the game, soon after he has been teleported to the land of Holodrum and after a bit of exploring, Link discovers a Troupe of Performers in the woods. Link hangs around and dances with the troupe's main attraction, Din. Then, the sky becomes dark and the troupe's camp is struck by General Onox. In the ensuing chaos, Din, the Oracle of Seasons, gets kidnapped and taken to Onox's mountain fortress. As a result, the Temple of Seasons falls into the earth and the seasons of the land begin to become erratic.

At first, the troupe appears to be a jovial group of performers, but in a Linked Game, they reveal themselves to be Hylian Knights in disguise[2] continuing from the events of what happened in Oracle of Ages. Under orders from Princess Zelda, they sneak Din out of Holodrum into Hyrule.[3] However, they are quite easily taken out by Onox.

Non-Canon Appearances

Oracle of Seasons (Himekawa)

In the Oracle of Seasons manga by Akira Himekawa, members include Jovan the troupe leader, Parot the guitarist, Rishu the son of the boss, and the twin sisters Mel and Rom.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
French Republic FrenchEU Troupe d'Artistes Artist Troups


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  1. "You're awake! Please! Relax. Join our jovial troupe of performers for a bit!" — Din (Oracle of Seasons)
  2. "That's just our guise. I can't say it too loud, but we're really Hylian Knights." — N/A (Oracle of Seasons)
  3. "When I returned to Hyrule, Zelda told me that in addition to Nayru, Din, the Oracle of Seasons, was also in danger. So, as she requested... We've posed as a traveling troupe so we can sneak Din into Hyrule." — Impa (Oracle of Seasons)