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Trott is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Trott is a employee at the Outskirt Stable whose job is to provide directions.[3] Trott is a Horse enthusiast who dreams of owning his own Stable.[4][5] When Link first meets him, he can be seen pacing around the front of the Stable, having grown weary from being overworked and not eating any Raw Gourmet Meat as a consequence of the predominantly vegetarian diet that the Stable Association enforces.[6] To combat his weariness, Trott occasionally takes breaks by sneaking to the rear end of the Outskirt Stable and resting up against some wreckage. If Link speaks to him while he is resting, he will explain his situation and ask that Link keeps it a secret from Embry, his boss.[7][8]

By speaking to Trott, Link can listen to his woes and desire for Raw Gourmet Meat, beginning the Side Quest "A Rare Find".[9][4][6][note 1] If Link returns with Raw Meat or Raw Prime, Trott will recognize its scent and inform him that he will accept nothing less than Raw Gourmet Meat.[11] If Link has Seared Gourmet Meat, Trott will smell the aroma of the Gourmet Meat but complain that the Meat is cooked as he prefers his Meat raw and full of juice.[12]

Upon returning with Raw Gourmet Meat, Trott will grow excited over its scent and offer to pay Link for sharing it with him.[13][note 2] If Link agrees, Trott will give him a Silver Rupee in return and resolve to work hard now that his craving for Meat has been sated.[15][16] Trott also offers to pay Link for any more Raw Gourmet Meat that he has on hand.[17]

After completing "A Rare Find", Trott's mood improves dramatically. He can be seen walking around and occasionally greeting and waving to guests.[18] As Trott promised, he will still purchase Raw Gourmet Meat from Link for a Silver Rupee apiece.[19][20][note 3] However, Trott will only accept three pieces of Raw Gourmet Meat per day and will tell Link to return tomorrow if offered any more.[22] If Link attempts to give Trott Seared Gourmet Meat, he will complain about how its value has diminished and refuse to buy it from him.[23] Additionally, if Link offers Meat to Trott without having any Raw Gourmet Meat in his Inventory, Trott will get upset and tell him to return when he actually has something to offer.[24] Trott will not react to Icy Gourmet Meat.

If Link speaks to Trott before giving him any Raw Gourmet Meat, he can ask Trott who he is to learn of his aspirations to own a Stable of his own.[5] Link can also inquire about Raw Gourmet Meat to learn that migrations occasionally take place atop Satori Mountain, providing the perfect opportunity to hunt for Meat.[25] At any point, Link can ask Trott for information about the Outskirt Stable and its direct surroundings.[26][note 4] After completing "A Rare Find", Trott can also tell Link about ideal hunting areas, citing Satori Mountain and the Lord of the Mountain who makes its home there. Following this, Trott begins to wonder what the flavor of its meat is like.[28]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese トロット (Torotto)
Netherlands Dutch Trott
French Republic FrenchEU Trott
Federal Republic of Germany German Trond
Italian Republic Italian Trott
Republic of Korea Korean 트릇 (Teuleus)
Russian Federation Russian Тротт (Trott)
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Trott

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  1. If Link bids farewell to Trott after remarking about his tired condition, Trott will force him to listen to his request for Raw Gourmet Meat.[10]
  2. If Link lies to Trott and says that he has no Meat, Trott will dejectedly say that his cravings have caused him to hallucinate the smell of Meat.[14]
  3. Trott's hopes will be crushed if Link changes his mind after originally offering to sell him some meat.[21]
  4. If Link asks after giving Trott some Raw Gourmet Meat, Trott will add that Link should be careful on the way to Gerudo Desert because of the amount of monsters.[27]


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