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The Trophy is an item from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. It resembles a small statue of an angel with outstretched wings and is found in the Tantari Desert.

In the Town of Ruto, a woman tells Link that the Goriya of Tantari Desert stole her Trophy. The Tantari Desert is directly east of the Town of Ruto and north of North Castle. Link must retrieve the trophy from the cave in Tantari. Once completed, the woman allows him to meet her uncle, an Old Man who teaches Link the Jump Spell.

The sprite was slightly different in the Japanese version, with the wings being a bit more prominent as well as having its hands outstretched. In the localization, the wings were shrunken, and the hands adopted a prayer pose. In addition, the trophy was named "Goddess Statue" in the Japanese version.


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The original design of the trophy as well as its name in the Japanese version suggests that it might be connected to the the Goddess Statue of Skyloft, and by extension, to Hylia.

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