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Trophies are collectible items in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. There are 544 Trophies in all, 47 of which are The Legend of Zelda -related.

Trophies from The Legend of Zelda

# Trophy Significant Games Description How to unlock
180 SSBB Link Trophy Model.png
The Legend of Zelda

Twilight Princess
A young man who emerged to rescue Hyrule from peril. He's the bearer of the Triforce of Courage who fights to keep Ganondorf from conquering the world. His green outfit is a constant throughout the series. He's a skilled swordsman, horseman, and archer. He's also proficient with bombs and boomerangs. Clear Classic Mode as Link
181 SSBB Triforce Slash (Link) Trophy Model.png
Triforce Slash (Link)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Link with a Smash Ball, releasing his ultimate attack. Light flares from the Triforce symbol on the back of his hand and rushes out to meet the enemy he faces. The enemy gets trapped within the glittering Triforce, is quickly cut to shreds, and is launched by the last strike. The attack works on one enemy at a time, so it's best to go after the character in first place. Clear All-Star Mode as Link
182 SSBB Zelda Trophy Model.png
The Legend of Zelda

Twilight Princess
The princessTriforce piece.png of Hyrule. In other games, her role changes between titles. In Ocarina of Time, she was hunted by the would-be conqueror, Ganondorf. She deceived him, however, by adopting the persona of Sheik. In Twilight Princess, she surrendered to Zant and was held as his prisoner. Clear Classic Mode as Zelda
183 SSBB Light Arrow (Zelda) Trophy Model.png
Light Arrow (Zelda)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Princess Zelda's Final Smash. She wields a mighty bow of light with which she can attack from afar. Her arrow travels in a straight line and flies through all characters unlucky enough to be in the way. This attack cannot be blocked. The more enemies there are, the higher the chances to get them all with one shot. More is always better! Clear All-Star Mode as Zelda
184 SSBB Sheik Trophy Model.png
Ocarina of Time The persona Zelda adopted to escape from Ganondorf. She completely hid all traces of her Zelda identity and appeared to Link as the last member of the Sheikah tribe. She taught Link essential ocarina melodies and then vanished in an instant. She didn't appear very often--rather, she would show up to support Link in crucial situations. Clear Classic Mode as Sheik
185 SSBB Light Arrow (Sheik) Trophy Model.png
Light Arrow (Sheik)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Sheik's Final Smash. After grabbing a Smash Ball, Sheik will be able to wield a bow of light. The arrow fired from this bow has the power to pass through multiple targets, so it will damage all enemies in the direction it flies. This, coupled with its shield-breaking power, makes it even more terrible. Even in Sheik form, Zelda's ability as an archer is undiminished. Clear All-Star Mode as Sheik
186 SSBB Ganondorf Trophy Model.png
Ocarina of Time

Twilight Princess
A man who wants to use the power of the Triforce to conquer the world. In Twilight Princess, he gives strength to the Twilight KingTriforce piece.png, Zant, and tries to change the land into a world of darkness. He possesses Zelda, transforms into a magical beast, and attacks Link. In the end, however, Link deals him a finishing blow and defeats him. Clear Classic Mode as Ganondorf
187 SSBB Beast Ganon Trophy Model.png
Beast Ganon
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Ganondorf's Final Smash. When he grabs a Smash Ball, he transforms into a repulsive, evil beast. He'll vanish momentarily from the screen, then rampage from one side to the other in a straight, headlong rush. When he begins the move, any character before his eyes will flinch, so try to start the move near other characters Clear All-Star Mode as Ganondorf
188 SSBB Toon Link Trophy Model.png
Toon Link
The Wind Waker

Phantom Hourglass
Link as he appeared in The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, with big eyes and an expressive face. He lived peacefully on Outset Island until a bird captured his little sister, and he came to her rescue. In The Wind Waker, he had to crawl, press up to walls, and the like. His green clothes were worn on his 12th birthday and are the lucky outfit of the hero of legend. Clear Classic Mode as Toon Link
189 SSBB Triforce Slash (Toon Link) Trophy Model.png
Triforce Slash (Toon Link)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Toon Link's Final Smash. Hit an enemy with the light emanating from the Triforce mark on his hand to initiate the move. The enemy will be trapped within the Triforce and be unable to move--Toon Link will then rush in close and carve up his foe at lightning speed. The final blow will break the Triforce prison and send the opponent off the screen. Clear All-Star Mode as Toon Link
190 SSBB Heart Container Trophy Model.png
Heart Container
The Legend of Zelda

Twilight Princess
The best recovery item! Grab this and heal 100 percentage points of damage. It falls slowly, so it's best to grab it in midair. Damage recovery won't happen instantly, though, so try not to get launched while your damage is counting down. In the Legend of Zelda series, Heart Containers raise the player's maximum health. Bosses always have one in their possession. Random
191 SSBB Bunny Hood Trophy Model.png
Bunny Hood
Ocarina of Time

Majora's Mask
Headgear that hugely improves your jump and movement abilities. True to its name, the hood comes with a pair of cute, fuzzy ears. On the right characters, they're as cute as can be, but on the wrong ones, they're...scary. Of course, that adds to the item's charm. The sudden speed increase you get is responsible for more than a few self-destructs, so be careful. Random
192 SSBB Deku Nuts Trophy Model.png
Deku Nuts
Ocarina of Time Items that explode in a flash of blinding light shortly after they appear or when they take damage. Those caught in a blast will be dazed and immobile for a few moments. If the item is thrown, it has the same effect on whomever it hits. In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Deku Nuts stunned enemies and were indispensable when Link was surrounded. Random
193 SSBB Tingle Trophy Model.png
Majora's Mask

Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland
A strange little man easily spotted by his trademark green bodysuit, bright nose, and pointy beard. Tingle has frequently appeared around Hyrule and always lets those he meets know that he's a fairy and selling homemade maps. In a recent adventure, Tingle escapes a sad and dreary life to embark on a magical adventure in the delightful, dreamlike paradise of Rupeeland. Random
194 SSBB Wolf Link Trophy Model.png
Wolf Link
Twilight Princess Link's alternate form in the Twilight Realm. In this form, he cannot use weapons such as swords or shields, but he can attack with a ferocious wolf bite. He also has a number of unique skills inherent to his beast form, such as a keen sense of smell, the ability to dig, and a loud wolf howl. Random
195 SSBB Robed Zelda (With Hood) Trophy Model.png
Robed Zelda (With Hood)
Twilight Princess The princess of Hyrule, loved and trusted by the people. When Hyrule is invaded by Zant from the Twilight Realm, Zelda is resolute in opposing him...but she chooses to protect her people and must surrender. From then on, she is imprisoned in the Twilight Hyrule Castle. In memory of the lost people of Hyrule, Zelda wears a black robe of mourning. Random
196 SSBB Midna Trophy Model.png
Twilight Princess A mysterious masked being. Midna was a princess in the Twilight Realm who was transformed into an imp by Zant. Midna's personality is characterized by a sharp tongue and a tendency to act on whims. Midna pairs with Link to save the world. She also possesses powerful magic skills, such as the ability to warp through space. Random
197 SSBB Ilia Trophy Model.png
Twilight Princess Link's childhood friend and daughter of Bo, Ordon Village's mayor. She's always considerate of Link and looks after his horse, Epona. One day, however, she is kidnapped by enemies and loses her memory. Her kidnapping is what prompts Link to set off on his adventure. Random
198 SSBB Malo Trophy Model.png
Twilight Princess The brother of Ordon Village's "tough" kid, Talo. Malo is much more reserved than his troublemaker brother and is actually quite mature. This, combined with his almost babylike appearance, can make adults feel awkward. Despite his childlike looks, Malo becomes an esteemed businessman with his chain of Malo Marts. Random
199 SSBB Zant Trophy Model.png
Twilight Princess The self-proclaimed king of twilight. Zant is the ringleader scheming to cover Hyrule in twilight. Zant long served under the royal family of the Twilight Realm. Ganondorf grants great power to Zant in exchange for his allegiance, and Zant makes it his ultimate goal to become the supreme leader of both light and dark. Random
200 SSBB King Bulblin Trophy Model.png
King Bulblin
Twilight Princess King Bulblin is the boss of the creatures who kidnapped Ilia, Colin, and the rest of Ordon Village's children. Characterized by his appearance atop a boarlike beast named Lord Bullbo, he encounters Link time and time again. When he loses in his final battle, he pays subtle respect to Link when he says, "I follow the strongest side!" Random
201 SSBB Agitha Trophy Model.png
Twilight Princess A strange young girl who lives like a fairy-tale princess in Hyrule Castle Town. She has an eccentric attachment to Golden Bugs. In exchange for these bugs, Agitha gives you wallets and Rupees. Whether or not you actually have any bugs, Agitha suggests that you must be hiding them from her. Random
202 SSBB Darknut Trophy Model.png
Twilight Princess A knight enemy clad in heavy armor that defends with a shield and attacks with sword techniques and kicks. Darknuts lose their armor as they take hits, but they grow faster in the process. Their sword skills are quite accomplished. The most fundamental way of dealing with Darknuts is having good command of spin attacks and back slices. Random
203 SSBB Bulblin Trophy Model.png
Twilight Princess Creatures that serve under King Bulblin. They follow their superiors and pillage the land like hyenas. They typically attack with spears and fiery arrows but sometimes attack while mounted on boarlike beasts. They're not the strongest creatures but can prove dangerous in packs. Random
204 SSBB Ooccoo & Son Trophy Model.png
Ooccoo & Son
Twilight Princess One of the Oocca, Ooccoo travels around with her son in search of a means to return to her home, the City in the Sky. Her human-masked bird form is incredibly mysterious, but she's nice and likes to talk. If you use Ooccoo in dungeons like you would an item, she'll warp you outside the dungeon. Random
205 SSBB Shadow Beast Trophy Model.png
Shadow Beast
Twilight Princess A loyal minion sent in from the Twilight Realm by Zant. Shadow Beasts suddenly appear from portals in the sky and attack in groups. As long as one is left alive, any others will be revived, so you must leave at least two living and defeat them at the same time. If you wipe them all out successfully, a warp point will open. Random
206 SSBB Yeta Trophy Model.png
Twilight Princess The wife of Yeto. She is a yeti who lives in the Snowpeak Ruins. In her illness, which was caused by the magic of a Twilight Mirror shard, Yeta was unable to leave her house. Although usually a kind lady, she became possessed by the mirror and was transformed into the great, icy Blizzeta. Yeta is also quite an accomplished sledder. Random
207 SSBB Ashei Trophy Model.png
Twilight Princess A brave, young female warrior and part of the resistance movement to save Hyrule, which is thrown into unrest by Zant. She holds strategy for resistance members at Telma's Bar in Hyrule Castle Town. Ashei is in charge of covering the Snowpeak region. She is sometimes seen out and about wearing a yeti hide. Random
208 SSBB Darbus Trophy Model.png
Twilight Princess Boasting a tough body and herculean strength, Darbus is the well-trusted chief of the Gorons. Under his rugged exterior lies a warm, personable character. Darbus is brimming with pride and valor. He is transformed into the lava-monster, Fyrus, by the sealed-off Fused Shadow. The Goron Elders imprison Fyrus inside the mines, where he battles Link. Random
209 SSBB Ralis Trophy Model.png
Twilight Princess The prince of the Zora people, aquatic humanoids that inhabit the waters of Hyrule. Ralis is the son of Rutela, who was executed by creatures from the Twilight Realm. As a memento, Ralis keeps a coral earring. He is a great reekfish angler-the best, in fact, of all the Zora people. Random
210 SSBB Goron Trophy Model.png
Ocarina of Time

Majora's Mask
A proud guardian of Death Mountain. Entering without gaining the trust of the Gorons will earn you a rolling-rock attack. They like sumo wrestling, as seen in Twilight Princess, when you need to wrestle Gor Coron. The complete shift to a friendly attitude by the tribal chief after being rescued suggests a prudent side to the Gorons. Random
211 SSBB Zora Trophy Model.png
Ocarina of Time

Majora's Mask
An aquatic creature. Most of a Zora's life is spent in the water but the creatures also can live on land for limited time periods. In Twilight Princess, King Zora is already dead and succeeded by Ralis. Clothing made by the late King Zora allows non-Zoras to breathe underwater. Random
212 SSBB Sages Trophy Model.png
Twilight Princess Beings that help maintain order in the world. The sage are wise ancients that protect the Mirror of Twilight, which connects in the light and twilight worlds. They are the ones that imprisoned Ganondorf in the Twilight Realm and are also those responsible for crafting the Master Sword. They feature strange floating masks but vary in appearance from title to title. Random
213 SSBB Outset Link Trophy Model.png
Outset Link
The Wind Waker Link in his traditional clothing. He wears a blue, V-neck, long-sleeved top with a lobster pattern, coordinated with slender orange pants. It makes you think that, even on his home, Outset Island, Link was quite the fashion leader, and suggests that he may have changed into his green hero's clothing somewhat grudgingly. Clear Target Smash Level 5 With 10 Characters
214 SSBB Zelda (Wind Waker) Trophy Model.png
Zelda (Wind Waker)
The Wind Waker The rightful successor of the throne and descendant of the true royal bloodline of Hyrule. She strove to put an end to the ongoing battles with Ganondorf. As the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom, she became a target of the resurrected Ganondorf. Although she was hidden in Hyrule Castle, Ganondorf managed to find and kidnap her. Random
215 SSBB Ganondorf (Wind Waker) Trophy Model.png
Ganondorf (Wind Waker)
The Wind Waker The king of evil. Ganondorf aims to collect the Triforce pieces and rule the world. Already in possession of the Triforce of Power, he secures Zelda and her Triforce of Wisdom, thus luring Link to his castle. However, he is ultimately defeated by Zelda's Light Arrows and Link's Master Sword. Random
216 SSBB Medli Trophy Model.png
The Wind Waker A young Rito girl who is an attendant to the Dragon Spirit, Valoo, on the island of Dragon Roost. She is kind and cheerful. When Valoo becomes enraged, she attempts to reach the dragon so that Komali can get his scale. Despite the violent winds, she refuses to give up and battles on through exhaustion. Random
217 SSBB Aryll Trophy Model.png
The Wind Waker Link's cheerful younger sister, often seen wearing a hibiscus-print dress. Despite her age, she has a good head on her shoulders and carries her turtle-marked telescope with care. On Link's birthday, Aryll is mistaken for the female pirate captain, Tetra and captured by the Helmaroc King. Imprisoned in the Forsaken Fortress, she awaits rescue by Link. Random
218 SSBB Tetra Trophy Model.png
The Wind Waker

Phantom Hourglass
A pirate captain who roams the seas in search of sunken treasure. Her disposition garners trust from her followers. Even she doesn't realize that she's THE Princess Zelda. Once Ganondorf learns of her existence, the King of Red Lions explains to her the truth about her true self. She is often recognized by her cute pose, where she crosses her arms and winks. Random
219 SSBB Helmaroc King Trophy Model.png
Helmaroc King
The Wind Waker

Four Swords Adventures
A monstrous bird that wears a mask. On orders from Ganondorf, he sets out in search of Zelda, capturing every pointy-eared little girl he can find. His weak point is the area directly under his mask. This fellow also appears in "A Link to the Past", but that version was more beastly and was called the Helmasaur King... He still wore a mask, of course. Random
220 SSBB Salvatore Trophy Model.png
The Wind Waker

Phantom Hourglass
A guy who runs the minigame where you try to sink groups of giant squid with a set number of shots for prizes. Not only is the game fun, but his little one-man play using the funky little illustrated props leaves quite an impression. If you say you didn't understand his explanation, the expression on his face is priceless. Random
221 SSBB Link's Grandma Trophy Model.png
Link's Grandma
The Wind Waker Link and Aryll's grandmother. She's a fine cook, and Link and Aryll are particularly fond of her soup. Grandma cares for Link with a kind tone and a warm demeanor, but when Aryll is kidnapped and Link gives chase, her health deteriorates, leaving her bedridden. If you help her recover with a fairy, she'll comfort Link with warm soup whenever he wants. Random
222 SSBB Valoo Trophy Model.png
The Wind Waker A spirit of the skies sacred to the Rito people. He lives atop Dragon Roost Island. Adult Ritos receive a scale from Valoo that allows them to grow wings and fly. Usually the friendly type, he becomes enraged when the evil creature Gohma grabs his tail, tethering him. Link battles Gohma and frees Valoo, who expresses his thanks to Link and labels him "The Hero of Winds." Random
223 SSBB Pigs Trophy Model.png
The Wind Waker Cute creatures that roam the land. They are usually pink or black but are also sometimes patterned or even miniature. Perhaps due to their timid natures, they tend to run away when approached. To catch them, you need to creep towards them ever so slowly. Throwing them in the water will reveal that they can swim back to the shore, not by "doggy-paddling" but by "piggy-paddling". Random
224 SSBB Great Fairy Trophy Model.png
Great Fairy
The Wind Waker A mystical being. From Outset Island to Fairy Island to areas all throughout the world, there are many fairy springs. Great Fairies are powerful fairies residing at springs called Great Fairy Fountains. These powerful fairies often reward Link with Rupees, arrows, and bombs. The ones in The Wind Waker look very different from the ones in Ocarina of Time. Random
225 SSBB King of Red Lions Trophy Model.png
King of Red Lions
The Wind Waker A talking ship that rescues Link when he is thrown out to sea by the Helmaroc King. Rich with knowledge, he is a valuable partner, guiding Link in his adventures. As the ship is without a sail, Link must first acquire one on Windfall Island before venturing out on the Great Sea. It has been revealed that the King of Red Lions is actually the king of Hyrule. Random
226 SSBB Pirate Ship Trophy Model.png
Pirate Ship
The Wind Waker

Phantom Hourglass
A ship commandeered by Tetra that sails to the far corners of the deep blue sea. When Link gets on board, he is challenged with a test given by the pirate underling Niko. In that test, Link must learn to use jumps and rope swinging to get through an obstacle course and reach Niko. If successful, he receives the Spoils Bag and bombs. Random

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