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Steen (husband)[1]

Trissa is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Trissa is an elderly Sheikah woman living in Kakariko Village with her husband Steen. She manages the General Store, High Spirits Produce. When Link first meets her, she welcomes him to the Village and claims they are blessed.[3] Trissa explains that her goods are all local and fine choices for Recipes.[4] She urges him to pick something out, but realizes he may need something else.[5]

Link can ask her about a few different things. If he wants her recommendation, she has some difficulty narrowing the selection down.[6] However, she finally settles on the Swift Carrots that Steen grows.[1] While she notes that the Village is known for them, she admits that Fortified Pumpkins are also a staple.[7] Trissa would like to sell them, but knows that her husband's rivalry with Olkin would get in the way.[8] She directs Link to Olkin's field for Fortified Pumpkins.[9] Link can also ask her about Cooking and she will teach him how, directing him to the Cooking Pot outside.[10] If Link decides to sell her something, she will either mention how much she enjoys free trade or say how lovely the item is.[11][12] Trissa urges him to let her know if he would like to sell anything else,[13][14] but also cautions him not to rush.[15] Once Link is finished selling, Trissa notes how she does not leave Kakariko Village very often and is pleased that he was able to show her some interesting things.[16] When Link is ready to leave, she will tell him to come back whenever he likes.[17]

Steen will drop by at about 4:00 PM to check in on her. While he fusses over her well-being, Trissa cannot help but laugh at him and tell him not to worry so much.[18] If Link speaks to her at this time, she tells him that Steen has a tendency to focus only on her.[19] Trissa asks Link to take his time browsing and to ignore her husband.[20]


Trissa's name comes from a classification of fruit, citrus.

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