"Trill's Shop
Make payment at the box near the shopkeeper.

Trill's Shop is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Owned and operated by Trill, it is situated in Faron Woods, just south of the Forest Temple. This outdoor stall runs on the honor system; whatever Link takes, he is expected to pay for by dropping the correct amount of Rupees in Trill's change box. Providing Trill with too much, too little or the correct amount of money results in different reactions from the bird.

If Link runs away without paying at all, Trill will refuse to supply him with any more goods until payment is made, and will attack him when he enters the shop. It is possible for Link to get away with paying only a single Rupee every time he leaves the shop, regardless of how much oil and potion he takes, without being attacked; this will, however, result in Trill continually calling Link a "cheapskate".


Item Price
Lantern Oil 20 Rupees
Red Potion 30 Rupees
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