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Trill is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is Coro's pet bird, and is depicted as blue in color, with a large yellow beak, and a "hairstyle" similar to that of Coro.


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Trill operates a small shop in Faron Woods, near the Forest Temple. At his shop, he sells Lantern Oil and Red Potion for Coro, to whom he refers as "master".

When Link first encounters him, Trill congratulates Link on dispatching a cluster of Bokoblins (or, if he has not already done so, asks that he do something about them). If Link lures a Bokoblin near Trill's shop, Trill will attack it himself.

At any time, Link can purchase Lantern Oil or Red Potion by dipping an empty bottle or, in the case of the oil, his lantern into one of the vats outside of the shop. To pay for the items, Link must deposit the correct number of Rupees into the payment box. If he attempts to shortchange the merchant, Trill will criticize him for being cheap; if he attempts to leave without paying at all, Trill will attack him. Otherwise, however, Trill is very peaceful and friendly. If Link gives extra rupees for his purchases, Trill will thank him as Link leaves.

If Link talks to Trill in wolf form, he complains that Coro does not congratulate him enough, and he thinks that he did not get enough praise growing up. If Link has stolen anything from the shop recently, Trill will instead complain to Link's wolf form about how Coro scolded him for letting Link get away. Trill then claims that he was so angry about it that he put water in the oil jug.

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