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TLoZ Series Triforce of Power Artwork

The Triforce of Power resonating

The Triforce of Power is one of the three pieces of the Triforce. It embodies the essence of the Goddess of Power, Din, the creator of Hyrule.[1] Whoever holds the Triforce of Power is granted "true power".[2] This power is absolute, making the recipient of Din's blessing a god-like entity, vastly more powerful than any mortal, affording its wielder invulnerability,[3] vast strength and an unlimited source of mystical power. Because of this, Ganon is always the bearer of the Triforce of Power. It represents the top piece of the Triforce.

Location and uses[]

TLoZ Link and Zelda Million Publishing Artwork 2

Link holding the Triforce of Power, with Princess Zelda on the left, holding her Triforce of Wisdom, in a later artwork of The Legend of Zelda

The Triforce of Power is one of the two Triforce pieces initially introduced in the original The Legend of Zelda, where Ganon stole it and proceeds to search for the Triforce of Wisdom (which Princess Zelda, its bearer, splits it into 8 pieces) as well to obtain ultimate power and thus be able to truly conquer Hyrule. In the NES game, after Link eventually recovers all the shards and defeats Ganon, the young hero ultimately obtains the Triforce of Power for himself in order to help Zelda, with the restored Triforce of Wisdom, restore peace to Hyrule.[4]

The Triforce of Power

The Triforce of Power glowing on Ganondorf's fist, as seen in Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, when Ganondorf invaded the Sacred Realm and claimed the Triforce after Link pulls the Master Sword, the sacred triangles separated, leaving him with only the Triforce of Power, the aspect in which he most believed, while the Wisdom and Courage pieces respectively go to Zelda and Link.[5] Nevertheless, the Triforce of Power makes Ganondorf become the Evil King and is unimaginably powerful, granting him unlimited strength and matchless mystical power, as well as enabling him to transform into his beast form in the final battle. The King of Evil uses this piece of the Triforce to utterly throw Hyrule into chaos just like in The Legend of Zelda. Even though the Seven Sages ultimately send him to the Evil Realm upon his eventual defeat by the Hero of Time's hand, Ganondorf still retains his Triforce of Power, allowing him to reappear later and cause the goddesses to summon the Great Flood, sealing him in the underwater land of Hyrule. This is spoken of in the introduction of The Wind Waker. [6][7]

In Twilight Princess, Ganondorf gains the Triforce of Power through what the sages referred to as a "Divine Prank".[3] It allows him to survive his execution, but is sent off into the Twilight Realm which allows him to house the power given to him by his Triforce piece on Zant.[8] Ganondorf seemingly loses the Triforce of Power after he is impaled and defeated by the Master Sword at the end of the game. In A Link Between Worlds, Yuga manages to revive and fuse with Ganon, giving Yuga complete control, and as such, usurps Ganon's Triforce of Power. During the final battle, when Yuga further fuses with Princess Hilda while in portrait form, he also takes the Triforce of Wisdom from her.


  • The Legend of Zelda is the only instance anywhere in the franchise Link actually obtains this piece of the Triforce by itself and being taken away from Ganon after destroying him with a Silver Arrow, despite this occurring at the very end of the game.
  • The Triforce of Power is the only piece of the Triforce never to be broken into fragments anywhere in the series, unlike its Wisdom and Courage counterparts. However, the planned but scrapped third entry of the Oracle games had Ganondorf ironically splitting it into multiple parts as a way to safeguard it from Link and Princess Zelda, similar to why the Triforce of Wisdom was split by Zelda in the original The Legend of Zelda to protect it from the villain.



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