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The T.P.R. thermometer as seen in the book

The Triforce Protector Rating, also known as T.P.R. or Triforce Tally, is a means of measuring how well the reader did during their adventure in the two The Legend of Zelda series-themed Nintendo Adventure Books: The Shadow Prince and The Crystal Trap.[1] Depending on the actions that the reader makes for Princess Zelda or Link, they will either accumulate or lose points along the journey. Defeating enemies or obtaining certain items gains the reader points;[2] however, losing items or making the wrong decision will subtract points. These points can be kept track of by marking them on the last page of the book.[3]

After the ending of the book is reached, the reader can sum up their total points to discover their Triforce Protector Rating. The ratings go as follows:

Points Rating
Gallant Greenhorn
Apprentice Adventurer
Hyrule Hero
Wonder Warrior


  1. "Triforce Tally [...] Every time you score points, add them to your total. Then at the end of your adventure, use this chart to find your T.P.R. (Triforce Protector Rating). How good an adventurer are you?"  (The Shadow Prince (Mammoth) pg. 121)
  2. "***Zelda gets 120 points for defeating the wizzrobe.***"  (The Crystal Trap (Archway) pg. 27)
  3. "***Link loses 100 points for publicly insulting Charles.***"  (The Shadow Prince (Archway) pg. 77)