Unofficial Name

Triforce Keeper

The Triforce Keeper is a character from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. He is a diminutive old man who inexplicably holds the Triforce of Courage. The identity of the Triforce Keeper is completely unknown. No explanation is ever provided regarding why he holds the Triforce of Courage, or whether or not he was the one who summoned forth Dark Link.


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A very mysterious character, this elderly dwarf-like man appears in the Great Palace at the very end of the game to give Link the Triforce of Courage. When Link enters the chamber of the final battle, he spots the Triforce Keeper standing atop a pillar. The man proceeds to magically disappear, and Dark Link jumps out of Link's body, setting up the game's final battle. When Link defeats Dark Link, the Triforce Keeper appears again and approaches the hero. He hands over the Triforce and the game switches scenes to Link awakening Princess Zelda in North Castle.

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