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Triforce Gateway
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Triforce Gateways are Warp Points in Tri Force Heroes.[name reference needed] They have multiple, important roles in Warping the Links where they must go throughout the game. They appear as a yellow Triforce on the ground with a yellow glow when active.

Location and Uses

Triforce Gateways appear in several locations throughout Tri Force Heroes. There are three of them in Hytopia Castle. One in the Hall of the Doppels, one in the Multiplayer lobby, and one in the Coliseum lobby. When each of the Links stand on a piece of the Triforce, they will Warp.[1] This serves as a signal that each ally is ready to go. In the Hall of the Doppels, Link can still Warp to the Drablands with two Doppels instead of allies. Triforce Gateways also appear throughout the Drablands at the end of each Level of a Stage. They will be inactive and be unable to Warp at the start of each Level. They will become active with a yellow glow and be able to Warp once certain conditions are met, such as all enemies being defeated or every item being picked up. The Den of Trials also uses Triforce Gateways to allow the Links to select which Stage to begin on.


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  1. "This is a Triforce gateway. Using its power is the only way to travel to the Drablands. Only when three heroes gather will the Triforce's power awaken and allow for travel between the worlds. The way will not open for one hero alone." — Match Master (Tri Force Heroes)