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The Trial of the Sword,[1] also known as the Sword Monk's Shrine,[name reference needed] is a challenge and mini-dungeon in Breath of the Wild added in The Master Trials DLC Pack.

Themes and Navigation[]

The Trial of the Sword can be accessed from the Korok Forest by placing the Master Sword back in its Pedestal. If the Master Sword is out of energy, the Trial cannot be accessed.[2] During the challenge, Link will go through a series of floors and must defeat every Enemy on a floor to proceed to the next one. At the start of the Trial, he is stripped of all of his Weapons, Shields, Bows, Arrows, Armor, Materials and Food. Link is able to use any of the Runes during the Trial, but he is not able to use any Champion abilities. Link begins the Trial with the same amount of Hearts, Stamina and temporary boosts that he had when entering, even with Hearts lost from damage or temporary Hearts. The Trial of the Sword is divided into three sets of floors. Once a set is completed, it can be skipped during future attempts of the Trial; however, Link will begin empty handed when resumed and any Items gathered during the challenge will be lost. After completing all 54 floors of the Trial (with 45 being fighting rooms and the other 9 being rest stops), the Master Sword awakens its true power, allowing it to stay in its powered-up state for much longer than usual.[clarification needed][3]

Beginning Trials[]

The Beginning Trials are the first 13 floors of the Trial of the Sword. The first 7 floors are forest themed, with each of them containing Trees, Rocks and grass. The sixth floor is the Trial of the Stone Talus. The seventh floor is a resting stop with a Cooking Pot, a Fairy and three Treasure Chests. Floors 8 through 12 all contain water. The twelfth floor is the Trial of the Hinox. On the thirteenth and final floor of the Beginning Trials, Link finds himself in an Ancient Shrine themed room known as the Sword Monk's Shrine, and a mysterious voice tells him that he is now strong enough to wield more of the Master Sword's power.[4] At the end of a long staircase rests the Master Sword in a pedestal, where Link pulls it and is transported back to the Korok Forest.

Floor Enemies
1 Bokoblins (x3)
2 Big Fire Chuchu (x1)
Bokoblins (x4)
3 Chuchu (x1)
Fire Chuchus (x4)
Big Fire Chuchus (x4)
4 Bokoblins (x5)
Blue Bokoblins (x3)
5 Moblins (x2)
Blue Bokoblins (x3)
6 Stone Talus (x1)
7 Resting Spot
8 Big Electric Chuchu (x1)
Lizalfos (x2)
Blue Lizalfos (x2)
9 Water Octoroks (x2)
Electric Wizzrobe (x1)
10 Blue Lizalfos (x1)
Black Lizalfos (x2)
11 Bokoblins (x4)
Blue Bokoblins (x3)
Black Bokoblin (x1)
Black Moblin (x1)
12 Blue Hinox (x1)
13 Master Sword

Middle Trials[]

The Middle Trials are the middle 17 floors of the Trial of the Sword. The first 4 floors are shrine-themed and feature a constant upward draft over a bottomless pit and scattered platforms. The fifth floor is a resting stop with a Cooking Pot, a Fairy and three Treasure Chests, one of which contains Hylian Trousers. Floors 6 through 10 are in a dark forest setting, not unlike those of Thyphlo Ruins. The tenth floor is the Trial of the Hinox. Floor 11 is another resting stop with a Cooking Pot, two Fairies, and three Treasure Chests, one of which contains a Hylian Tunic. Floors 12 through 16 are again shrine-themed, but exclusively feature Guardian Scouts. On the seventeenth floor, Link returns to the Sword Monk's Shrine, where the Master Sword rests on a different pedestal that is now connected to the previous pedestal by an added walkway.

Floor Enemies
1 Bokoblins (x5)
2 Bokoblins (x2)
Blue Bokoblin (x1)
Fire Wizzrobe (x1)
Meteo Wizzrobe (x1)
3 Bokoblins (x4)
Blue Bokoblins (x3)
4 Decayed Guardian (x1)
5 Resting Spot
6 Fire Keese (x5)
Big Electric Chuchu (x1)
7 Fire-Breath Lizalfos (x2)
Blue Lizalfos (x2)
8 Meteo Wizzrobe (x1)
Black Bokoblins (x3)
9 Decayed Guardian (x1)
10 Black Hinox (x1)
11 Resting Spot
12 Guardian Scouts I (x6)
13 Guardian Scouts II (x3)
14 Guardian Scouts I (x4)
Guardian Scouts II (x2)
15 Guardian Scouts III (x2)
16 Guardian Scout IV (x1)
17 Master Sword

Final Trials[]

The Final Trials are the final 24 floors of the Trial of the Sword. The first 5 floors are set in a jungle during a thunderstorm and feature Stal enemies. The fifth floor is the Trial of the Stalnox. The sixth floor is a resting floor with a Cooking Pot, a Fairy and three Treasure Chests, one of which contains Flamebreaker Boots. Floors 6 through 11 are volcano-themed, complete with burning temperatures. The eleventh floor is the Trial of the Igneo Talus. The twelfth floor is another resting floor, with a Cooking Pot, two Fairies, and three Treasure Chests, one of which containing a Royal Guard's Shield, a Stone Smasher, and a Hylian Tunic. Floors 13 through 17 are ice-themed, with appropriate temperatures. The sixteenth floor is the Trial of the Frost Talus. The eighteenth floor is another resting spot with a Cooking Pot, three Fairies and three Treasure Chests. Inside the Treasure Chests, Link can find a Royal Broadsword, a Royal Shield, and a Royal Bow. Floors 19 through 23 are set in ruins and feature various Guardians. On the twenty-fourth floor, Link returns to the Sword Monk's Shrine. This time, the pathways lead a final pedestal with the Master Sword, surrounded by the seven unnamed Monks who prepared the Trial of the Sword and now deem Link worthy of the fully awakened Master Sword. They then disappear, having fulfilled their duty, leaving Link to pull out the now fully awakened Master Sword.[5]

Unlike the other floors, three of the floors contain Animals that do not need to be defeated before progressing to the next floor. Specifically, there are Stalhorses on the fourth floor and regular Horses on the twentieth, twenty-second, and twenty-third floors.

Floor Enemies
1 Stalkoblins (x4)
2 Electric Keese (x2)
Stalizalfos (x3)
3 Big Electric Chuchus (x2)
Stalmoblins (x5)
4 Stalkoblins (x7)
5 Stalnox (x1)
6 Resting Spot
7 Big Fire Chuchu (x1)
Rock Octorok (x1)
Igneo Pebblits (x2)
8 Fire-Breath Lizalfos (x3)
9 Meteo Wizzrobe (x1)
Black Moblin (x1)
Fire-Breath Lizalfos (x2)
10 Black Moblins (x3)
Fire-Breath Lizalfos (x1)
11 Igneo Talus (x1)
12 Resting Spot
13 Frost Pebblits (x2)
Big Ice Chuchu (x1)
Blue Bokoblins (x2)
Black Bokoblin (x1)
14 Big Ice Chuchus (x2)
Ice-Breath Lizalfos (x1)
Blue Bokoblins (x4)
Silver Moblin (x1)
15 Black Moblin (x1)
Blizzrobe (x1)
Blue Bokoblins (x2)
Silver Bokoblin (x1)
16 Frost Talus (x1)
17 Blue-Maned Lynel (x1)
18 Resting Spot
19 Decayed Guardians (x6)
20 Guardian Stalker (x1)
21 Guardian Skywatcher (x1)
22 Guardian Stalker (x1)
Guardian Skywatcher (x1)
Guardian Turret (x1)
23 Bokoblins (x8)
White-Maned Lynel (x1)
Guardian Turret (x1)
24 Master Sword


  • The Trial of the Sword was originally called the Cave of Trials during the Expansion Pass announcement.[6]
  • Each of the seven Monks at the end of the Trial of the Sword have posed their arms in a way that mimics the poses of the seven Sages when they were sealing Ganon in Ocarina of Time.[7]
  • Any Monsters killed inside of the Trial of the Sword will not be added to the hidden point counter that determines Monster difficulty scaling throughout Hyrule,[verification needed] and all Monsters in the Trial of the Sword will not be changed based on this value. All Monsters have a set difficulty status inside the Trial of the Sword.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name
Trial of the Sword Sword Monk's Shrine
Japan Japanese 剣の試練 剣の導師の祠
People's Republic of China ChineseSI 剑之试练 剑之导师神庙
Netherlands Dutch Zwaardproef Tempel van het zwaard
Canada FrenchCA Les épreuves de l'épée Sanctuaire de la confrérie
French Republic FrenchEU Les épreuves de l'épée Sanctuaire du conclave
Federal Republic of Germany German Prüfung des Schwertes Schrein des Schwertes
Italian Republic Italian La prova della spada Sacrario della spada
Russian Federation Russian Испытание Меча Святилище Гуру Меча
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU El reto de la espada Santuario de la espada
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA El reto de la espada Santuario de la espada


See Also[]


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  4. "To the one chosen by the sacred blade...I commend your efforts in this trial. You are now strong enough to wield more of the Master Sword's power than ever before. Courageous hero...chosen by the blade... Take hold of the Master Sword." — N/A (Breath of the Wild)
  5. "You have done well...The depth of your heroism is beyond question. We are the ones who prepared this trial, following a revelation from the Goddess Hylia. To the one who has overcome the Trial of the Sword...you have proven your hand worthy of the legendary Master Sword. Now that the hero has gained the power necessary to combat the Calamity, our sacred duty has been fulfilled." — N/A (Breath of the Wild)
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