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Trial of the Master Sword
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Quest Giver Mineru
Location [[Spirit Temple|Spirit Temple]]
Reward Master Sword's location
Previous QuestNext Quest
"[[Guidance from Ages Past|Guidance from Ages Past]]""[[Recovering the Hero's Sword|Recovering the Hero's Sword]]"

"Trial of the Master Sword" is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Link ventured north of Hyrule into the Lost Woods to seek the Great Deku Tree, one who oversees the Master Sword. However, when he tried to venture into the forest, an unknown force continuously kept moving Link back to the beginning. He decided to take the nearby chasm, which turned out to link directly under the forest. Upon emerging, he happened to stumble upon Koroks, all petrified solid, and an ominous dark fog surrounds the grove.

Link took a closer look at the Deku Tree and found a chasm within. Upon landing at the bottom, a spawn of Gloom hands emerged and attacked Link. After Link dispatched the hands, another apparitional dark being emerged from the remains of the hands, appearing to be the source of the Lost Wood's corruption. After a duel, Link defeated the dark figure.

The gloom around the chasm all to dissipated into thin air. The Koroks, now purified, thanked Link for saving the Deku Tree, and relayed that the Deku Tree wished to meet him. After re-emerging, he found the forest back to normal and the Deku Tree healthy again. He thanked Link for restoring him and was glad to see him once in awhile. Acknowledged that Link sought for the Master Sword, he sensed the sword somewhere in the distance. But with a strange oddity: The sword is "moving." The Deku tree did not understood how or why it was, but told Link to find a way how to reach the "moving" sword.


Stage Description
1 Where even the sages of old could not defeat the Demon King, the darkness-sealing Master Sword wounded him.

According to Mineru, Princess Zelda said to speak to the Deku Tree
about the Master Sword.
Complete The sword that seals the darkness, the Master Sword, passed into a distant time and into Princess Zelda's hands. You were able to obtain clues about it.



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