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Trial Gates are portals that allow access to the Silent Realms in each of the three regions in The Surface in Skyward Sword.[1] The location of the gates are usually given off by the faint bloom and the Blessed Butterflies that float over the gate.

Location and Uses

After Link visits the Isle of Songs for the first time and learns "Farore's Courage", Fi will activate the Dowsing ability to search for the first Trial Gate to the Farore Silent Realm.[2] Once Link locates the gate, he must take out the Goddess's Harp and play at the tempo indicated by the pulsating circles of light given off by the gate mark. If the young hero is playing at the right tempo, Fi will join Link by providing the vocals, and petals will begin to grow from the Trial Gate. Once petals completely surround it, the Trial Gate will be fully activated, at which point Link must thrust the Goddess Sword in the center to be transported to the corresponding Silent Realm.[3]

A fully-activated Trial Gate

Every time Link returns to the Isle of Songs to learn a new melody, he will be able to Dowse for the next Silent Realm. This is true except for the last trial, in which earning the "Song of the Hero" from the three dragons is necessary to search for it.

Silent Realm Location
Farore In front of the Viewing Platform in the Faron Woods
Nayru In front of the Lanayru Mining Facility entrance in the Lanayru Desert
Din In front of the Volcano Ascent Bird Statue
Skyloft In front of the Light Tower in the plaza


  • After a Trial Gate is revealed and opened, a series of blue light patterns which resemble flower petals can be seen. These "petals" resemble the Sol pedestals seen in the Twilight Realm.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
GermanyGermanPortal der Prüfung (SS)Portal of the Trial
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