"Something here is reacting to our performance of Farore's Courage. I have confirmed the appearance of a strange mark on the ground. I calculate a 90% possibility that this mark is a Trial Gate, as mentioned by the goddess statue we heard from on the Isle of Songs. Thrust your sword into the center of the mark on the ground before you."

Trial Gates are objects from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Magical portals leading to the Silent Realms, they are invisible to anyone but the chosen hero. In order to find them, Link can use the Goddess Sword's dowsing ability; when Link is in the proper location, a sparkle of faint light is found hanging over a Trial Gate spot.


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In order to activate a trial gate, Link must use the Goddess's Harp to play a song, different for every location: "Farore's Courage" in Faron Woods, "Nayru's Wisdom" in the Lanayru Desert, "Din's Power" in Eldin Volcano, and "Song of the Hero" in Skyloft. When a song has been played, Link must embed his sword into the ground, transporting him to the Silent Realm.

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Non-Canon Appearances

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Hyrule Warriors

As part of Fi's Goddess Blade moveset, during one of her combos Fi can summon a Trial Gate to attack enemies with by singing similar to how she does in Skyward Sword, though without Link's playing of the Goddess's Harp.

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