"The A and B Buttons move the crane...The rest is just timing! Go over to the buttons to play! Good Luck!"
— Trendy Game Proprietor

The Trendy Game is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Link can play it for 10 Rupees, and can win a variety of prizes such as Magic Powder, Bombs, 30 Rupees, Hearts or a shield. Link can also win a Yoshi Doll, the first item in the quest for the Magnifying Lens. These prizes, with the exception of the Yoshi Doll, are moving on a conveyor belt while Link tries to win them. All of these prizes come back even after winning them if Link exits and re-enters the store, excluding the Yoshi Doll. When the B Button is held while standing on the control panel, the crane moves to the right. When released, the crane stops. The A Button is now held down for the crane to move down. When the "A" button is released, the crane drops its claw and picks up anything that is where it lands.

If the Trendy Game store is visited while Marin is following Link around, she will attempt to play. In a comical scene, she will use the crane to pick up the Trendy Game Proprietor, who will comment on her skill. He will assume that she is a professional and kick her and Link out.

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