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"Trello is my father. Since retiring, he has been in charge of the Champion Festival. It is he who now bears the Ceremonial Trident. But, Master Link... You should not speak with any of the elderly here. Including my father. As for me... Well... I just do not believe you are guilty of anything!"

Trello is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a Zora and member of the Council of Elders who holds Link responsible for Zora Champion Mipha's death during the Great Calamity. He is the father of Link's childhood friend Rivan and grandfather of Rivan's daughter Dunma both of whom are Zora Knights. Like most elders, Trello was a Zora Knight during the Great Calamity though has since retired.

Trello is the original bearer of the Ceremonial Trident which Link can find in the water under the northwest bridge of Zora's Domain. If Link finds the Trident before talking to Trello for the first time, he will recognize the Trident before Link himself whose mere presence distracts him. As a result, Link is unable to return the Trident back to him and can keep it. According to his son Rivan, since retiring he has been in charge of the Champion Festival that is celebrated on the anniversary of Mipha's death and is a day of memorial to honor her.

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