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Rivan (son)
Dunma (granddaughter)

Trello is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Trello is the father of Rivan and the grandfather of Dunma. Like many elderly Zora, Trello holds resentment towards any Hylians, including Link, for Mipha's death.[2] He refrains from attacking Link due to having his hands full trying to figure out what to do about Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[3]

Once Vah Ruta has been calmed, Trello will respect Link instead of shaming him. [4] Since retiring, Trello is in charge of the Champion Festival and bears the Ceremonial Trident[5]. As part of the Shrine Quest "The Ceremonial Song", Trello can be approached by Link about the Ceremonial Trident. He reveals that the trident used in the Champion Festival is a replica of Mipha's Lightscale Trident.[6] He admits that he dropped the trident off the bridge while taking it for Dento to examine.[7] However, he doesn't care much for it since it's fake, and decides to ask Dento to make a new one.[8]


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