"Crackle-dee-dee! I'm the teller of treasures! Baubles? Beauties? I can sort tripe from treasure! Let me see your belongings!"
— Treasure Teller

The Treasure Teller is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. He is a Hylian man living on Mercay Island who runs the Treasure Shop. Link can sell him Ship Parts and Treasures for varying prices. The Regal Ring and Golden Ship Parts sell for 1,500 Rupees each. When Link offers a ship part that belongs to Linebeck, the Treasure Teller will humorously say, "That's barely worth a mention, sir! No interest!" This is believed to be because Linebeck is such a cheapskate that he would not buy decent boat parts. The game also requires Link to keep these as they are the default parts to which the ship reverts in case all the other ship parts are sold.