Treasure Sphere

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Treasure Sphere
TWW Treasure Sphere Model.png
TWW Treasure Sphere Model.png
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Containing pickups and spoils
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Treasure Spheres,[1] also known as Item Balls,[2] are objects in The Wind Waker.

Location and Uses

Treasure Spheres are glowing glass-like orbs whose colors cycle between green, amber, and red. They are occasionally left behind by defeated enemies such as Moblins and Darknuts instead of other spoils. Treasure Spheres are also rarely dropped by lesser enemies like Bokoblins and ChuChus. They appear with a sharp, resonating ding after an enemy is defeated. Unlike normal pickups, Treasure Spheres do not fade away and disappear as time passes; however, surplus spheres shatter instantly if any more than five of them are onscreen at one time.

When broken, pickups are released, including any combination of Rupees, Hearts, Bombs, and Arrows; however, they disappear more quickly than usual. Spoils appropriate to that enemy can also appear, unless it had already been stolen with the Grappling Hook. Treasure Spheres yielded from ChuChus contain three Chu Jellies.

They can also appear while on the Great Sea, in where they float on the water. To break them, Link must use a ranged weapon from the King of Red Lions, then swim out to gather the contents, or otherwise retrieve them with the Boomerang. Alternatively, Seagulls controlled with a Hyoi Pear can break the sphere and instantly collect the contents in one swoop.


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