"Welcome to the treasure field. The object is to dig as many holes as you can in 30 seconds. Any treasures you dig up will be yours to keep. It's only 80 Rupees to play. What do you say?"
— Treasure Field Manager

The Treasure Field is a location from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Located on the south-western fringe of the Village of Outcasts in the Dark World and confined within a fenced-in boneyard, it is a large outdoor gambling-den where Link can use his Shovel to dig for prizes. Its location is equivalent to where the 15-second Game can be found in the Light World. The soil of the Treasure Field has been prepared with lots of Rupees and other small valuables, and after paying the manager 80 Rupees, Link is given 30 seconds to dig as many holes as possible. A Piece of Heart can be found amongst the various prizes. Even if Link has not yet acquired the Shovel or has replaced it with the Flute, the manager will lend him one to use instead.

The Treasure Field is not exactly a game of chance; the outcome of digging a hole is completely randomized, but only after digging 25 holes each game (20 in the European version) will there be a chance to find the Piece of Heart. So Link can end up playing the game many times before eventually finding the coveted Piece of Heart. No spot is more likely to produce this elusive prize than another. When the time runs out, no more treasures will appear, even if Link continues to dig.

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