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Treasure Chests,(LA | MM | OoS | OoA | TWW | SS | BotW)[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][name reference needed] also known simply as Chests,(TMC | HW)[9][10] are recurring objects in The Legend of Zelda series, appearing in every title since A Link to the Past.

Location and uses[]

Treasure Chests are located in both the Overworld and in Dungeons. Most of them contain an item that will aid Link on his quest. Smaller Chests usually contain common items and collectibles such as Small Keys, Bombs, Arrows, and various amounts of Rupees. Larger Chests contain rarer, more important items, such as equipment, Big Keys, Pieces of Heart, and large sums of Rupees. Although most Treasure Chests are equipped with a lock, very few actually require a Key to open. Some Chests are locked or otherwise guarded; some will only appear after the completion of a Puzzle in the same room.

There are some Treasure Chests that do not contain useful items, but rather contain harmful traps. Link must be wary, as there is no way to distinguish these Treasure Chests from the others. Traps first appeared in Link's Awakening, in which certain treasure Chests contain enemies such as Zols. In Ocarina of Time, these traps release an icy breath (like that of a Freezard), that will temporarily freeze Link and sap away his life energy. Treasure Chest Traps return in Four Swords Adventures, where certain Small Chests contain Big Bombs that will instantly kill the Links if they are in range when it explodes. In Phantom Hourglass, some Treasure Chests hold Rupoors.

The presence of myriad Treasure Chests throughout the worlds of The Legend of Zelda series and its spinoffs is a mostly unexplained phenomenon. According to the A Link to the Past official Nintendo Player's Guide, Treasure Chests, hand-crafted by skilled artisans, were used by the Hyrulean people to safeguard their family heirlooms and other treasures.[11]

Treasure Chests are also used by the inhabitants of the Overworld in a recurring mini-game called the Treasure Chest Game. Although the rules of the game vary in its multiple incarnations, the game typically consists of choosing from two or several Treasure Chests. Some will contain prizes such as large amounts of Rupees, while others will contain next to nothing, or nothing at all. If Link chooses the winning Chest, he may be given the option to risk his current winnings for another round with even higher stakes.

Mainline appearances[]

Link's Awakening Manual Description
Link's Awakening logo
Treasure Chests
You will find many treasure chests in the dungeons. These can contain rupees, items that will increase your power, and dungeon items. (You can open and take the contents of a treasure chest only once.) Some treasure chests are in plain view; others will appear only after you have defeated all the monsters in a room.
Oracle of Seasons Manual Description
Oracle of Seasons logo
Treasure Chests
In dungeons, you'll find many treasure chests that may contain Rupees, items, or other treasures. Some are easy to find, but you'll have to solve complicated puzzles to find others.
Oracle of Ages Manual Description
Oracle of Ages logo
Treasure Chests
In dungeons, you'll find many treasure chests that may contain Rupees, items, or other treasures. Some are easy to find, but you'll have to solve complicated puzzles to find others.

Hyrule Compendium Entry

382 (387) Treasure Chest
BotW Hyrule Compendium Treasure Chest
Fortunes untold (potentially) await the lucky adventurer who finds one of these. Chests can often be found within shrines or at enemy camps, but there may be some crafty folks who think they're safer underground.
Common Locations
Greater Hyrule
Recoverable Materials

Although Treasure Chests have nearly identical roles in all their incarnations, their appearance is quite diverse. Generally, Chests are made of wood framed in metal. The color of the wood and metal varies: in A Link to the Past, Chests are of a mahogany-like color with an aurulent frame, whereas Chests in Ocarina of Time are made of a much darker wood framed in a dull, lead-colored metal. Chests in The Minish Cap are painted blue, red, or yellow. Other Chests do not have a metal frame, and are entirely crafted from wood; yet others are made entirely of metal. As they are mostly made of wood, Treasure Chests can be latched onto with the Hookshot. This functionality does not carry over to the Clawshot in Twilight Princess.

The Treasure Chests containing Nightmare Keys are generally more opulent than regular Chests. In Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and The Wind Waker, these Chests are blue and are decorated with gold patterns or an elegant golden frame. In Twilight Princess, they are adorned with a red jewel. This is a trait that is also present in the Big Chests of Four Swords Adventures, which are adorned with an emerald-like jewel.


Small Chests[]

LADX Treasure Chest Sprite
OoS Treasure Chest Sprite OoA Treasure Chest Past Sprite
TMC Treasure Chest Sprite TMC Treasure Chest Sprite 2 TMC Treasure Chest Sprite 3

Small Chests are the most basic and most common type of Treasure Chest. They contain the widest variety of items, including Small Keys, ammunition, Rupees, and other treasures. In Link's Awakening, Oracle of Ages, and Oracle of Seasons, they also contain more important items such as equipment, the Map and Compass, and Big Keys, as these games lack the bigger Chests the more important items are usually found in. Small Chests are the only type of Chests found in these games. Small Chests in A Link to the Past also contain Big Keys, as this game lacks the Big Key Chests as well.

In Ocarina of Time and Four Swords Adventures, Link must be wary when opening a Small Chest—especially in a room with multiple Chests—as it may be a Trap. Some Small Chests are invisible; they can be revealed by using the Lens of Truth.

ALttP Treasure Chest Sprite 2

In A Link to the Past, a special purple Chest can be found in the abandoned house east of the Village of Outcasts (where Link gets his Sword tempered in the Light World). The Chest must be brought to the Lockpicker at the entrance of the Desert of Mystery, who will then give Link the Bottle found inside when he opens it.

Big Chests[]

OoT3D Link Opening a Treasure Chest

Link reaching into a Treasure Chest in Ocarina of Time 3D

Big Treasure Chests typically contain more valuable treasure. In A Link to the Past and The Minish Cap, they appear uniquely in dungeons and only contain that dungeon's item (such as the Bow, the Boomerang, or the Hookshot). In A Link to the Past, these Chests require the Big Key to unlock. In other games, Big Chests contain a wider variety of items, such as the Map and Compass, Rupees, Charts, and even Pieces of Heart. These Chests are also more numerous in both dungeons and the Overworld.

Like in A Link to the Past, Big Chests in Four Swords Adventures (distinguished by their increased width and emerald jewel) also require a Big Key to unlock. These Chests usually enclose Large Force Gems worth thousands of small ones.

In Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword, Link is bathed in light when he opens a Treasure Chest. The opening of the Chest is accompanied by a suspenseful tune as Link reaches for the item in the Chest.

Boss Key Chests[]

Boss Key Chests from Majora's Mask 3D

Located uniquely in Dungeons, these Chests contain the Boss Key (or Big Key) of the Dungeon they appear in. Typically, they are found near the end of the Dungeon, and are much more ornate than regular Chests.

Only Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess feature Boss Key Chests. In the absence of these Treasure Chests, Boss Keys are enclosed in Small Chests. As with Big Chests, they are filled with light and their opening is accompanied by a tune.

Sunken Chests[]

Main article: Sunken Chest

On the Great Sea and in the World of the Ocean King, Treasure Chests can be salvaged from the ocean floor. By finding Treasure Charts in the former and Treasure Maps in the latter, Link can locate these Chests and attempt to salvage the them using the attachment on his boat (the Grappling Hook in The Wind Waker and the Salvage Arm in Phantom Hourglass). In these strange Chests, Link can find a variety of items, including Rupees, Pieces of Heart, Special Charts, Ship Parts, and the Sand of Hours. In The Wind Waker, these Treasure Chests are essential as eight of them contain the Triforce Shards. These Chests are located with the help of the eight Triforce Charts.

Locked or Guarded Chests[]

TWW Covered Chest Model

Although the majority of Treasure Chests are in plain reach, some may require additional effort to open. These Chests may be locked (in which case the Big Key is required) or even guarded by a Sub-Boss or enemies acting as Mini-bosses.

Treasure Chests may be guarded in other manners as well. In The Wind Waker, some Chests in the Forbidden Woods are guarded by parasitic eye-plant creatures that cover the Chest in vines. To open the Chest, Link must destroy the eye with Bombs.

Many Chests require puzzle-solving to access. Some will only materialize once a Puzzle has been completed, a Switch has been pressed, all the enemies in the room have been defeated, or all the Torches in the room have been lit. In Spirit Tracks, there are Treasure Chests hidden in the ground that are unearthed by playing the Song of Discovery with the Spirit Flute.

Goddess's Treasure Chest[]

SS Goddess's Treasure Chest Render

Goddess's Treasure Chests are special Treasure Chests found only on various islands in The Sky in Skyward Sword. Each Goddess's Treasure Chest has its own corresponding Goddess Cube found on The Surface and cannot be opened until its corresponding Goddess Cube has been struck with a Skyward Strike.

Skull Chest[]

Skull Chests are Treasure Chests found in Monster Strongholds in Breath of the Wild. They are usually located on top of a lookout tower towards the centre of the camp, guarded by a combination of Bokoblins, Lizalfos, and Moblins. When found initially, their eyes glow purple and they cannot be opened. To do so, Link must defeat all monsters from the camp at which point a cutscene will show the chest's eyes become yellow and the chest will unlock. Skull Chests can contain weapons, Gems such as Ambers, or Rupees.


ST Ferrus Artwork
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Game Image Content(s)
A Link to the Past ALttP Treasure Chest Sprite Rupees, Bombs, Arrows, Pieces of Heart, Heart Container, Keys, Dungeon Maps, Compass, Big Keys, Items
A Link to the Past ALttP Treasure Chest Big Sprite Dungeon Items
Link's Awakening LADX Treasure Chest Sprite Rupees, Small Keys, Tail Key, Items, Dungeon Maps, Compass, Stone Slab or Stone Beak, Dungeon Items, Big Keys
Ocarina of Time OoT Treasure Chest Model Rupees, Small Keys, Bombs, Arrows, Bombchu
Ocarina of Time OoT3D Treasure Chest Model Dungeon Maps, Compass, Dungeon Items, Pieces of Heart
Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
OoT Treasure Chest Model 2 Big Key
Majora's Mask MM3D Chest Rupees, Bombs, Arrows, Bombchu, Stray Fairies
Majora's Mask MM Treasure Chest Model Small Keys
Majora's Mask MM3D Red Treasure Chest Model Dungeon Maps, Compass, Dungeon Items, Pieces of Heart, Masks
Oracle of Seasons OoS Treasure Chest Sprite LADX Treasure Chest Sprite Triforce piece Dungeon Maps, Compass, Dungeon Items, Big Keys, Gasha Seeds, Magic Rings
Oracle of Ages OoA Treasure Chest Sprite LADX Treasure Chest Sprite Triforce piece Dungeon Maps, Compass, Dungeon Items, Big Keys, Gasha Seeds, Magic Rings
Oracle of AgesTriforce piece OoA Treasure Chest Past Sprite Dungeon Maps, Compass, Dungeon Items, Big Keys, Gasha Seeds, Magic Rings
The Wind Waker WW TC Closed Spoils, Rupees, Small Keys
The Wind Waker TWW Treasure Chest Model Dungeon Map, Compass, Special Charts, Treasure Charts
The Wind Waker Treasure Chest 2 Triforce Charts, Pieces of Heart, Dungeon Items
The Wind Waker Treasure Chest 3 Boss Key
The Wind Waker TWW Sunken Chest Model Triforce Shards, Rupees, Pieces of Heart, Special Charts
Four Swords Adventures ChestFSA Force Gems, Small Keys, Big Keys, Heart Containers, Blue Bracelets, Power Bracelets, Moon Pearls, Items, Big Bombs
Four Swords Adventures BigChestFSA Force Gems
The Minish Cap TMC Treasure Chest Sprite 4 Dungeon Maps, Compasses, Items, Big Keys, Empty Bottles
Twilight Princess TP Small Chest Model Bombs, Arrows, Rupees, Keys
Twilight Princess Medium Chest TP Dungeon Maps, Compass, Dungeon Items, Rupees, Keys, Pieces of Heart
Twilight Princess TP Big Chest Model Big Key
Phantom Hourglass Salvaged Chest PH Ship Parts, Sand of Hours, Treasures, Big Gold Rupee
Phantom Hourglass
Spirit Tracks
Treasure Chest PHST Spirit Gems(PH), Small Keys, Rupees, common Treasures
Phantom Hourglass
Spirit Tracks
PH Big Treasure Chest Model Boss Keys(PH), Dungeon Items, Heart Containers, Rare Treasures
Skyward Sword SS Treasure Chest Model Rupees
Skyward Sword SS Goddess's Treasure Chest Render Rupees, Pieces of Heart, Medals, Quivers
Skyward Sword SS Blue Chest Render Small Keys, Treasures
Skyward Sword SS Jeweled Chest Render Puzzle Keys
A Link Between Worlds ALBW Treasure Chest Model Rupees, Pieces of Heart, Treasures, Dungeon Items
A Link Between Worlds ALBW Big Treasure Chest Model Big Keys, Master Ore, Quest Items
Tri Force Heroes TFH Treasure Chest Model Hearts, Rupees, Keys
Tri Force Heroes TFH Big Treasure Chest Model Materials, Fierce Deity Armor

In other media[]

Phantom Hourglass (Himekawa)[]

Ciela finds a big Treasure Chest in the Temple of the Ocean King.[12] Link carries the Chest outside of the Temple while fleeing a Phantom. Linebeck opens it to find the Phantom Hourglass.[13] Another Treasure Chest is found by Link and Ciela on the Isle of Ember.[14][15] This Treasure Chest houses the Boomerang.[16]

Spinoff appearances[]

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity[]

Treasure Chests are hidden around the Scenarios, either in odd corners of the map or in plain sight. Some are even partially buried, requiring the use of Magnesis to unearth them. They can contain Weapons, 100-300 Rupees, or uncommon to rare Materials for Quest completion.

Crossover appearances[]

Cadence of Hyrule[]

Treasure Chests appear in Cadence of Hyrule. They can be destroyed to reveal their contents.


  • Artwork of Link from The Legend of Zelda opening a Treasure Chest exists, despite Treasure Chests not appearing in that game.
  • In Twilight Princess, if Link opens a Chest containing Rupees with a value of 20 or more inside and does not have sufficient room in his Wallet, the Rupees are put back in the Chest and can be retrieved at a later time.[17] In every other game, including Twilight Princess HD, the surplus Rupees are lost.
  • There is a Treasure Chest in the Temple of the Ocean King in Phantom Hourglass that contains nothing at all. The chest contained a Key which was taken by Linebeck before Link and Ciela arrived.[18]
  • The unactivated, "invisible" Treasure Chests in the Earth Temple of The Wind Waker utilize an advanced image distortion effect with a few glitches, such as reflection of any object in front of the Chest. The distorted image has a lower resolution than the main game, probably to save processing power.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapanese宝箱 (Takarabako) (ALttP | OoT | BotW)[19][20]Same as English.
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTR寶箱 (Bǎoxiāng) (BotW)
NetherlandsDutchSchatkist (BotW)
FranceFrenchEUCoffre (BotW)
GermanyGermanSchatztruhe (BotW)
ItalyItalianScrigno (BotW)
South KoreaKorean보물 상자 (Bomul sangja) (BotW)
RussiaRussianСундук (Sunduk) (BotW)
Latin AmericaSpanishLACofre de tesoro (BotW)
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See Also[]


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