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For the list of items, named Treasures in The Legend of Zelda, see the Items in The Legend of Zelda.

Treasures are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

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Monster Guts from A Link Between Worlds
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Location and Uses

Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass, eight different kinds of Treasures can be obtained. They can be found inside chests, pots, or bought from shops. In addition, by saving Nyave from monsters in the southwestern part of the sea, Link can receive a large amount of Treasures that had been picked up for him.

Treasures can be sold for Rupees to the Teller of Treasures on Mercay Island or to the Ho Ho Tribe, who will buy one random Treasure for a slightly higher price. The price of each Treasure varies from game to game. Treasures may also be swapped among friends for either other Treasures or Ship Parts via Tag Mode and Battle Mode. Access to Freedle's magic boxes is required to trade.

Treasure Description
Pink Coral
Coral, polished to shine. It's an object to be admired!
Pearl Necklace
Pure white pearls, strung together into a stunning necklace.
Dark Pearl Loop
Rare dark pearls, strung into a jaw-dropping necklace.
Zora Scale
It's said that a Zora dropped this rare and sparkling scale!
Goron Amber
This tasty Goron treat is valuable because it contains a bug!
Ruto Crown
Some say this regal crown was worn by a princess of Zora.
Helmaroc Plume
This flamboyant feather was dropped by a Helmaroc bird.
Regal Ring
A princely ring handed down among royal generations.

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, 16 different kinds of Treasures can be obtained. They can be found inside chests and pots. Common Treasures can also be found by blowing the leaves northeast of Whittleton with the Whirlwind. Uncommon Treasures can also be obtained by getting specific scores in minigames or by buying them from shops, such as Beedle's Air Shop or the Castle Town Shop. Rare Treasures can only be obtained in special Train Stations such as the Ends of the Earth Station, the Slippery Station, or the Lost at Sea Station. Alternatively, they can also be won by mailing Prize Postcards and getting the 1st prize, or by completing level 3 of the Take 'Em All On! minigame.

Treasures can be sold or traded for various upgraded Train Cars at the Linebeck Trading Company.

Treasure Selling Price Description
Demon Fossil
  50 Rupees Fossil of an ancient demon. Sounds rare, but it turns up all over the place.
Stalfos Skull
  50 Rupees This artifact's eerie aura makes it the ultimate collector's item.
Star Fragment
  50 Rupees A sparkly stone that fell from the sky. It's said to be a piece of a star.
Bee Larvae
  50 Rupees Readily found in beehives. These energizing larvae sell for quite a bit.
Wood Heart
  50 Rupees Whether this acorn is a treasure is debatable, but it does have its fans.
Dark Pearl Loop
  150 Rupees Rare dark pearls, strung together into a stunning necklace.
Pearl Necklace
  150 Rupees Pure white pearls, strung together into a luminous necklace.
Ruto Crown
  150 Rupees Some say this regal crown was worn by generations of Zora princesses.
Dragon Scale
  150 Rupees It's said that this scale came from a dragon, but no one really knows its origin.
Pirate Necklace
  150 Rupees Once worn by a pirate captain who raided the seas. It has an evil aura.
Palace Dish
  500 Rupees Priceless dish used by past royalty for eating dessert.
Goron Amber
  500 Rupees This tasty Goron treat is valuable because it contains a bug!
Mystic Jade
  500 Rupees Captivating and very valuable because of its beautiful form and color.
Ancient Gold Piece
  500 Rupees This ancient artifact makes you feel like you've stepped back in time.
Alchemy Stone
  2,500 Rupees Desired by many, this artifact is said to bring riches to its owner.
Regal Ring
  2,500 Rupees A princely ring handed down by royalty for generations.

Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword, 16 different kinds of Treasures can be obtained. They can be found inside chests, by defeating enemies, or simply lying all around Hyrule. Treasures can also be bought from the Moonlight Merchant in the cave near the waterfall in Skyloft after the final Silent Realm. The likelihood of finding Treasures can be increased by carrying the Treasure Medal in the Pouch.[2]

Treasures can be used to upgrade items at the Scrap Shop. They can also be sold to Rupin at his home at night.

Treasure Description Method of Obtainment
Hornet Larvae
They're a precious source of protein that comes from a Deku Hornet's hive. This material might be good for making something. Dropping a Deku Hornet nest with the Slingshot or Beetle.
Bird Feather
These highly prized feathers come from birds foreign to Skyloft, and can serve as a useful material. Catching a Chirri with the Bug Net in the Sealed Grounds or the Faron Woods.
This dried mass of plant material could come in handy. Might as well take it with you. Catching them with the Bug Net while they roll past in Lanayru Desert.
Lizard Tail
It's the tail of a large lizard with a spiked ball on the end. Sure, it's a little gross, but you never know when you might need one. Defeatng Lizalfos.
Eldin Ore
This hard concretion sparkles brightly. It also has lots of different uses. Found in digging spots in the Eldin Volcano.
Ancient Flower
Legends say this beautiful flower flourished in the ancient past. Supposedly it glows in the dark... Found in sections under the influence of Timeshift Stones in the Lanayru Desert and the Pirate Stronghold.
Amber Relic
It's an amber-colored chunk of precious stone. Nobody knows why it's this shape. Found all around Hyrule.
Dusk Relic
This item is similar in appearance to an Amber Relic, yet very different. It can only be found in certain places. Found in the Silent Realms.
Jelly Blob
It may look like a boring wad of gunk, but it's used to make all sorts of things! Defeating Deku Babas, Chuchus, and Arachas.
Monster Claw
These extremely sharp claw looks painful to even touch! Defeating Keese, Walltulas, and Guays.
Monster Horn
This well-crafted horn is made of sturdy animal bone. You might find a use for this as a material. Stealing from Bokoblins with the Whip.
Ornamental Skull
This simple, slightly macabre fashion statement bears the Bokoblin symbol. Defeating Bokoblins.
Evil Crystal
This solid chunk of pure, crystallized monster malice is extremely rare! Defeating Cursed Bokoblins and Dark Keese.
Blue Bird Feather
Very few small birds possess this sky-blue plumage, making these feathers extremely rare! Catching a Blue Chirri with the Bug Net in the Sealed Grounds or the Faron Woods.
Golden Skull
A real rarity among skull ornaments, it shines with an eerie, golden color. Defeating Bokoblins.
Goddess Plume
Rumors say this item was dropped by the goddess in a long-forgotten era. It's a legendary treasure few will ever behold! Found in chests and in place of Amber Relics in Hyrule or Dusk Relics in Silent Realms.

A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, three different kinds of Treasures can be obtained. They can be found inside chests and by defeating enemies. Link can give 10 Treasures to the Witch to make Potions. Alternatively, he can also sell them to her.

Treasure Selling Price Description Potion
Monster Guts
  Rupees You got some monster guts! Eww, they're a handful!  
Purple Potion
Monster Horn
  Rupees You got a monster horn! Ouch. Watch that you don't hurt yourself on that thing!  
Yellow Potion
Monster Tail
  10 Rupees You got a monster tail! Ugh, it's a bit smelly.  
Blue Potion

Other Appearances

Zelda's Adventure

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, the Hornet Larvae Treasure appears as a Defense Badge. It increases the healing effect from Hearts picked up in battle. The healing effect can also be further increased by crafting its enhanced Badges.


  • The Hylian on the Ancient Gold Piece reads "Hyrule Bank."
  • The Amber and Dusk Relics resemble real world Magatamas.


  Names in Other Regions  
 FrenchCATrésor (PH | ST)[3] 
 FrenchEUTrésor (PH | ST)[4][5] 
 GermanSchatz (PH)[6] 
 ItalianTesoro (PH)[7] 
 SpanishEUTesoro (PH)[8] 
 SpanishLATesoro (PH)[9] 
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