Treacherous Tower is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. The objective is to defeat all the enemies lurking on multiple floors. This mini-game has three difficulty levels. It is located in Lorule's Death Mountain, where the Tower of Hera is in Hyrule.


The Treacherous Tower has three difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The beginner level costs 100 Rupees, and contains 5 floors, the intermediate level costs 200 Rupees and has 15 floors, and the advanced level costs 300 Rupees and contains a total of 50 floors. Link must battle through each room in order to advance to the next. After finishing all the rooms, Link will be showered with multiple Rupees and will be warped out of the dungeon. Link can win a Piece of Heart on Intermediate, as well as the Super Lamp the first time he completes the advanced level. In addition, he can also receive the Super Net the second time he completes the advanced course. He can also earn extra rupees if he manages to complete a course in a faster time than his previous run on the course.



  1. Mini-Moldorm x8
  2. Crab x10
  3. Octorok x8
  4. Stalfos x8
  5. Moldorm


  1. Blue Popo x1 Red Popo x8
  2. Chasupa x8
  3. Crow x6
  4. Terrorpin x11
  5. Hyrule Guard (green) x8
  6. Blue Hardhat Beetle x7
  7. Archer x6
  8. Snap Dragon x7
  9. Helmasaur x6
  10. Gibdo x8
  11. Snow Hinox x4
  12. Blue Zirro x4
  13. Ice Gimos x7
  14. Hyrule Guard x2 Ball & Chain Trooper x1
  15. Moblin x10


  1. Blob x21
  2. Rat x12 Rope x12
  3. Keese x7
  4. Hyrule Guard (green) x10
  5. Armos x10
  6. Poe x4 Hue x8
  7. Rupee Like x11
  8. Tektite x10 (5 blue, 5 red)
  9. Throwing Spear Hyrule Guard x4 Spear Hyrule Guard x4 (both red)
  10. Recovery (5 Hearts)
  11. Kodondo x10 (5 red, 5 green)
  12. Slarok x8
  13. Karat Crab x9 Ku x11
  14. Pengator x6
  15. Blue Bari x6 Red Bari x6
  16. Green Goriya x5 Red Goriya x3
  17. Blue Taurus x7
  18. Big Pengator x2
  19. Gigabari
  20. Recovery (3 Hearts)
  21. Dacto x8
  22. Dark Rat x10 Skullrope x10
  23. Vulture x7
  24. Blue Popo x1 Fire Wizzrobe x4
  25. Mini-Moldorm x8 Bumper x1
  26. Eyegore x6 (2 green, 2 blue, 2 red)
  27. Archer x4 Hyrule Guard (blue) x4
  28. Throwing Spear Hyrule Guard x4 (red) Ball & Chain Trooper x1
  29. Lynel x3
  30. Recovery (1 Heart)
  31. Red Hardhat Beetle x6 Buzzblob x4
  32. Ghini x10 (dark and light)
  33. Freezor x4
  34. Chasupa x6 Nuranuru x4
  35. Heart x1 Blue Daira x8
  36. Ropa x4 Blue Zirro x4
  37. Red Eyegore x8
  38. Ice Wizzrobe x4 Inactive Ice Gimos x2
  39. Fire Ball & Chain Trooper x1
  40. Recovery (1 Fairy)
  41. Green Zirro x4 Red Taurus x6
  42. Red Stalfos x10
  43. Gray Bari x4 Yellow Bari x3
  44. Big Ice Gimos x1
  45. Moblin x7 Bomb Hyrule Guard x4
  46. Red Daira x8
  47. Stone Statue (iceballs) x4 Gimos x3 Fire Gimos x3 Ice Gimos x3
  48. Lorule Guard x3 Throwing Spear Lorule Guard x3
  49. Dark Lynel x3
  50. Moldorm

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