"You're awake! Please! Relax. Join our jovial troupe of performers for a bit!"

The Traveling Troupe is a group from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. At first, the troupe appears to be a jovial group of performers, of which Din is the leader. At the start of the game, Link awakens to find the troupe singing and dancing in the middle of the woods, and Link dances with Din. However, when this happens, a tornado appears and tears up the troupe's camp, blowing all but Din and Link away. It is revealed that the tornado is summoned by General Onox who is looking for Din. He successfully captures her, and imprisons her in his castle, which leads into the plotline of the game.

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In a Linked Game, it is revealed by a member of the troupe that they are not really performers, but in truth, they are all Hylian Knights in disguise, sent by Princess Zelda to save Din from General Onox in Holodrum, and bring her to the safe land of Hyrule.

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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons manga

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While in the game, the only member of the Traveling Troupe to be named is Impa, the manga introduces many more characters in greater detail. This includes Johvan the troupe leader, Barrot the guitarist, Mel and Rom, tambourine-playing twin sisters, and finally Jonvan's son Rishu, who aspires to become a fighter.

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