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Traveler's Saddles are Items in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

A Traveler's Saddle can be obtained after scanning the "Link (Rider)" Amiibo. It should be noted that when two Treasure Chests drop after said Amiibo is used, one will contain the Traveler's Saddle while the other will contain the Traveler's Bridle.

Once obtained, the Traveler's Saddle will appear in Link's Key Item Inventory. Link can equip it to any Horse he has a maximum Bond with by talking to workers at Highland Stable, Outskirt Stable, South Akkala Stable, or Woodland Stable.[2] However, like other Saddles, they can't be used by Epona and the Giant Horse. Traveler's Saddles were designed for comfort and hold strong throughout all sorts of weather.[1] Because of this, they're favored among travelers.[1]

In certain Memories, Link is shown to have a Traveler's Bridle and Traveler's Saddle equipped to his unnamed Horse during the period he served as Princess Zelda's personal bodyguard.


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