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The Trading Post is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Located in the south-eastern part of the Forest Realm, the Trading Post area contains Linebeck Trading, where Link can either trade Treasure for Train Parts or sell it to Linebeck III. The Trading Post is also adjacent to the bridge to the Ocean Realm. Also found in the area is the grave of Linebeck III's grandfather, Linebeck, and a Hidden Hole where he hid his treasure, a Regal Ring.

The Trading Post carries much resemblance to Mercay Island from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, most notably for its northeast island found on both locations on the map. This is possibly referencing that location as many events during Phantom Hourglass took place there, many involving Linebeck, and Linebeck III now resides there.


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Traveling east to the Ocean Realm, Link finds the bridge connecting it to the Forest Realm in disrepair. Link visits Linebeck Trading and meets Linebeck III. After Link tells him about the broken bridge, Linebeck III tells Link that he was going to call a repairmen, but was too worried about the disappearance of the Spirit Tracks. Once he finds out that Link is an engineer, Linebeck III asks him to hire a bridge repairman so that they may both get on with their business. Link finds the Bridge Worker in the Snow Realm, who agrees to repair the bridge for the price of 5,000 Rupees. Linebeck III is horrified to hear of this allegedly overpriced service, and recalls that his grandfather had hidden a treasure away before he died.

Link finds the place where Linebeck is buried and solves the puzzle therein, obtaining the Regal Ring hidden away by Linebeck for his descendants. Link presents the Ring to Linebeck III, who estimates its worth at around 8,000 Rupees, despite the fact that in gameplay, it is only worth 2500 Rupees. The Bridge Worker takes the Regal Ring before they have the opportunity to do anything about it, however. Linebeck is angered due to this loss of profit, but lets it go, and subsequently, accepts Train Parts and Treasures from Link in exchange for Rupees and other train parts.

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