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In The Faces of Evil, Link can find numerous Trading Items on his adventure. Many of these items must be found and given to other characters to receive another item in exchange, often a piece of equipment.

Crystal of Reflection

Crystal of Reflection Icon CD-i.png The Crystal of Reflection, also known as the "Treasure of Death", is an item found in Fortress Centrum. The crystal is sought by Suprena of Serigon Caves, who demands that Link brings it to her. The item is guarded by Goronu, disguised as a sleeping Zelda to fool Link. After Link defeats him and retrieves the crystal, Suprena uses it to fuse with Link's Shield to make the Reflecting Shield.

Crystal of Vision

Crystal of Vision Icon CD-i.png The Crystal of Vision is an item found in the Lupay area after defeating Lupay. It is given to Gwonam in the Hermit Flat to make the Lantern of Vision.

Fire Diamond

Fire Diamond Icon CD-i.png The Fire Diamond is an item found at the end of Firestone Lake. After saving Kulvan in Shipwreck Cliff, he asks Link if he has a Fire Diamond, and uses the one Link found to temper his Sword into the Fire Sword.

Grapple Berries

Grapple Berries Icon CD-i.png Grapple Berries (pronounced /ˈɡɹæpəl/ GRA-pəl)[1] are an item found in Firestone Lake. The Crone in Spearfish Falls asks for them to demonstrate a trick, and uses them to transform Link's glove into the Power Glove.

The item's name comes from the word "grapple", meaning to grip or hold something, most likely in reference to the Power Glove they make.

Ice Crystal

Ice Crystal Icon CD-i.png The Ice Crystal is an item found in Serigon Caves. Odranoel in the Harlequin Bazaar asks Link to bring it to him so he can prove that "the light of ice penetrates more than fire". He uses the crystal to add a vacuum to Link's Lantern, turning it into the Magic Lantern.


Necklace Icon CD-i.png The Necklace is an item found in Spearfish Falls. It was stolen from Alora in Toyku Lighthouse by a Gleeok inhabiting the falls. After Link defeats the dragon and retrieves the Necklace, Alora awards him with a kiss and a Canteen. According to Alora, her husband gave her the Necklace.[2]


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