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Toyku Lighthouse is a location in The Faces of Evil.[1] It is unlocked after completing Nortinka.

Features and Overview

Toyku Lighthouse is a red lighthouse located in the western coast of Koridai. It stands at the end of a rocky cliff, which is guarded by Dairas and Arpagos throughout the stretch.

A tall house stands in the middle of the entire stretch, whose Key to its door sits on a nearby ledge. The house belongs to Alora, one of the coast's inhabitants. Her house has since been ruined by the Moblins and Arpagos inside, leaving it in a disarray state with broken furniture. Alora is hiding in the basement beneath the stairs. She asks Link to recover her stolen Necklace, which was taken from her by a Gleeok in Spearfish Falls. After Link returns it to her, she rewards him with a Canteen. A door in the basement exits to the other side.

The rest of the cliff is crossed by a rickety bridge, now falling apart and missing pieces. At the very end is Toyku Lighthouse, which has also been invaded by Dairas. Wooden stairs and ladders climb to the Lighthouse's lantern room, where Horgum is found. The man gives Link the Lantern to help him light his way through the darkness in Koridai. A Triforce Map in the room takes Link back to the world map screen. After completing the stage, Firestone Lake is unlocked.

Minor Enemies and Traps



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