"A while back, this thief stole a Picto Box, and he was held in the town jail for a long, long time! Yeah, real long!"

The Town Jail is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Located on Windfall Island, it is a jailhouse containing only one jail cell. When Link visits the Town Jail for the first time, he finds that Tingle is imprisoned. By pressing down a switch hidden behind some barrels, the cell door swings open, and Tingle emerges. He gives Link the Tingle Tuner as thanks, and exits the building. In the HD remake, instead of getting the Tingle Tuner, Link gets the Tingle Bottle.

If Link visits Lenzo he learns that someone had stolen his Picto Box in the past, and that he has still not gotten over it. Link travels back to the Town Jail, and enters the cell Tingle was being held in. Here, he finds a tiny hole that he can crawl into after breaking the box blocking it. The hole breaks off into many separate passages, creating a maze of sorts. The maze is inhabited by many Rats that have set up trap doors that will drop Link into the Great Sea if he crawls over one.

If Link navigates the maze correctly, however, he will ultimately stumble upon a secret room where can be found a Treasure Chest containing a Picto Box; this presumably indicates that Tingle was the one who stole it from Lenzo, although a line from the Killer Bees about how the thief got away would indicate that it may have been someone else. Link can then return to its rightful owner; when shown to Lenzo, Link gains his trust due to being a fellow Picto Box owner, and is allowed to explore the parts of Lenzo's house that Lenzo was previously guarding. In the Second Quest, Link can still access the secret room, but the chest will be empty (so it is safe to presume that the Deluxe Picto Box came from that chest in the Second Quest).

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