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For the dungeon in Spirit Tracks also known as the Tower of the Gods, see Tower of Spirits.

The Tower of the Gods is a sacred tower used by the Gods to test the courage of potential heroes.[1] The tower's main item is the Hero's Bow, and the Command Melody is also learned here.

Fishman's Comment:
TWWHD Fishman Artwork.png
Tower of the Gods
"I've done a fish-fortune on you, small fry, and from what I can tell, it looks like you're fated to come to this place many times. And the keys that control that fate are none other than the lucky items known as the Triumph Forks! Yeah, they're some sort of magical utensils! If you want to learn more about the Triumph Forks, talk to that guy, Tingle! That's what the fish-fortune told me! Now, I know I may only be a fish, but my fortune telling is uncannily accurate! You'd better believe it, small fry!"
Tingle's Comment:
TWW Tingle Tuner Face Sprite.png
Tower of the Gods
"[before the tower rises from the sea]
That area is surrounded by the islands where those cute statues live!

[after the tower rises from the sea]
Whoa! There's a huge tower over there!"

Entrance to the Tower

The three pearls summoning the Tower of the Gods

The tower is hidden deep under the waves and requires all three of the Goddess Pearls to pull it from the depths. Link must travel to three Triangle Islands and place the correct Pearl on their respective statues. The final statue will then explode and send Link shooting through the air and slamming into a giant wall. Luckily, the King of Red Lions arrives and guides Link into the entrance of the Tower.

Themes and Navigation

The dungeon combines elements of water and light, and is separated into three territories: In the first floor, Link and the King of Red Lions have to move through the water (and with great difficulty, considering the fact that the wind is not blowing here), whose level goes up and down at certain times. As Link explores the rooms, he has to take advantage of the water's changing level so that he can bring statues that open new paths, and ultimately close the main source of water to open new ones so that the path leading to the second floor can be crossed.

Once there, Link has to separately guide three semi-sentient statues (named Servants of the Tower by the King of Red Lions)[2] through various obstacles to the central altar. Doing this gives him access to the third floor. There are three destinations on the second floor, each with one statue; Link eventually finds and learns the Command Melody to telepathically control the statues and bring them to the altar, then finds the Hero's Bow to shoot distant targets that activate elevators and platforms.

Once Link reaches the third floor, he solves a puzzle that rewards him with the Big Key, then finally crosses a staircase patrolled by Kargaroc birds and some Beamos to find the boss's lair. The tower is guarded by Gohdan, a giant floating head and pair of hands, and who serves as the ultimate challenge for the chosen one who visits the tower in search of his fate's goal. The entrance to flooded Hyrule is nearby this tower, only accessible after the dungeon has been beaten and the bell at the top rings (oddly, that area is accessible only once under normal conditions).

Small Keys

  • There are two small keys.

Minor Enemies and Traps


The Triforce symbol appears when the six most plot-significant islands are connected.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 神の塔 (Kami no Tō) Tower of the Gods
French-speaking countries French Tour des Dieux Tower of the Gods
Federal Republic of Germany German Turm der Götter Tower of the Gods
Italian Republic Italian Torre degli Spiriti Tower of the Spirits
ERROR: You must enter a country code. Korean 신의 탑 (Sin-ui Tab) Tower of God
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Torre de los Dioses



  1. "This tower, which the pearls of the gods have caused to appear, is a place that the gods of the ancient world prepared so that they might test the courage of men. Only one who is able to overcome the trials that await here will be acknowledged by the gods to be a true hero. Only then will that hero be permitted to wield the power to destroy the great evil. Link, that which you must obtain now lies before you! You must believe in your own courage, which has led you to triumph over the many hardships you have faced...and you must triumph once again! You must rise above the trial of the gods!" — King of Red Lions (The Wind Waker)
  2. "Link, it is I, the King of Red Lions. I am afraid there are some areas to which you will not be able to bring the servants of the tower. But do not fear leaving them behind! Once you have awakened them, they will wait patiently for your return. Of this I assure you!" — King of Red Lions (The Wind Waker)
Islands in The Wind Waker
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Forsaken FortressStar IslandNorthern Fairy IslandGale IsleCrescent Moon IslandSeven-Star IslesOverlook IslandFour-Eye ReefMother and Child IslesSpectacle IslandWindfall IslandPawprint IsleDragon Roost IslandFlight Control PlatformWestern Fairy IslandRock Spire IsleTingle IslandNorthern Triangle IslandEastern Fairy IslandFire MountainStar Belt ArchipelagoThree-Eye ReefGreatfish IsleCyclops ReefSix-Eye ReefTower of the GodsEastern Triangle IslandThorned Fairy IslandNeedle Rock IsleIslet of SteelStone Watcher IslandSouthern Triangle IslandPrivate OasisBomb IslandBird's Peak RockDiamond Steppe IslandFive-Eye ReefShark IslandSouthern Fairy IslandIce Ring IsleForest HavenCliff Plateau IslesHorseshoe IslandOutset IslandHeadstone IslandTwo-Eye ReefAngular IslesBoating CourseFive-Star IslesGreat Sea Map TWW.png

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