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This article is about the Four Swords Adventures location. For the location from The Minish Cap, see Tower.

The Tower of Winds is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. This dungeon is the third stage of Frozen Hyrule, the game's seventh level. This massive tower long served as a passage stretching up to the Realm of the Heavens until Vaati's dark magic concealed it. With the help of the Six Maidens and the four Royal Jewels, Link reveals the tower by placing the jewels in their respective locations within the Four Sword Sanctuary, located near the base of the tower.

A section of the Tower of Winds also appears as a stage in the Shadow Battle multiplayer mode.




The top of the Tower of Winds

In the early levels of the Tower, Link can obtain a few different items, including the Slingshot, Fire Rod, and Roc's Feather, all of which are needed to overcome the various obstacles.

As Link nears the top of the tower, it becomes colder and colder. Before the final boss fight, Link encounters three Frostare Larvae and numerous Slimes. Ascending one more level, Link is faced with the boss, Frostare. Once it is defeated Link breaks the Vaati Barriers, and Princess Zelda, the Seventh Maiden, is released. After reaching the rooftop of the Tower, Link reaches the Realm of the Heavens.


After defeating Vaati, the Realm of the Heavens and the Tower of Winds begin to collapse. Princess Zelda and Link must then descend the tower in order to escape before it collapses. As they descend, Link encounters several monsters that attack them, a surprising feat, considering Vaati is defeated. Upon reaching the ground floor, the floor of the tower collapses as Zelda and Link are exiting. In the chamber below, Zelda sees the mass of raw darkness and attempts to seal it, but is ultimately sealed away herself. Finally, Ganon, the King of Darkness, is seen emerging from the raw darkness and the final battle of the game begins.

Behind the scenes


A room in the Tower of Winds being displayed on the Game Boy screen

The Tower of Winds is a side-scrolling stage, similar to the side-scrolling levels of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. While the majority of the dungeon is done in a side scrolling fashion, the inside of the rooms separate from the main chamber, displayed on the Game Boy Advance screen, are done in the classic top down view displayed throughout the majority of the game.

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