The Tower of Flames is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. This dungeon is the third stage of Death Mountain, the game's third level. Large pits of lava and statues that spew fire can be found throughout the stage. A section of the Tower of Flames also appears as a stage in the Shadow Battle multiplayer mode.


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As Link enters the dungeon, his path is blocked by a pair of fire statues. By activating a switch beneath a pot, he can cause a Slingshot to appear. This allows him to hit the out-of-reach switches, thus deactivating the statues.

Tower of Flames

The first room of the Tower of Flames

The level below contains a maze composed of fire statues. A Boomerang can be acquired here. After defeating the enemies in the next room, Link descends to a room devoid of a floor, save a moving platform and a few stationary ones. After obtaining the Roc's Feather from the room to the west, Link can fully navigate this room. Next, Link encounters two Shadow Links that dash at him and disappear. In the next room, Link must defeat a Ball & Chain Trooper. As an added twist, the Trooper's ball & chain is lit on fire. After it is defeated, Link can continue, navigating past numerous rotating fire walls. As he does, he has the option of picking up other weapons, including the Hero's Bow and the Lamp.

Four Shadow Links appear near the end of the level. After they are defeated, Link can continue on to the boss after picking up the Bombs in the next room. The final boss is a trio of Dodongos. They can be defeated by administering three Bombs to each when they inhale to breathe fire.

Before Link can go to rescue the Green Maiden, he must first talk to Kaepora Gaebora on the small alcove branching off the main area. When Link rescues the Green Maiden, she tells him that they should head back towards Hyrule Castle. She also mentions the four Royal Jewels that are necessary to open the way to the Realm of the Heavens. The Hyrulean Soldiers that typically guard them have gone mysteriously missing.

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