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This page is about the location featured in The Shadow Prince. For other uses, see Tower (Disambiguation)

The Tower is a location featured in The Shadow Prince. It is a tower situated in the most remote part of North Castle, "up a long, narrow, spiral staircase" where prisoners are kept.[1][2]

Link is taken to the Tower by the King of Hyrule's orders after Link accuses Charles of Moria to be evil without having any proof to back it up.[2] Before the Soldiers take him to the Tower, Impa approaches Link and reminds him that he has the means to escape the tower; however, before she can tell him what it is, the guards hurriedly take the young hero to the cell.[3] At this point in the book, Link will have three choices to pick from. He can either use the Clock, the Golden Whistle, or use neither.

If Link uses the clock inside the Tower, it will halt time for everyone except him and give the young hero an opportunity to escape the Tower's prison cell by using a toothpick to push the key out of the keyhole.[4] Link then slides a paper under the door to drag the key back in, which he uses to unlock the door and escape the prison cell just as the clock is about to return time to its normal pace.[5]

By using the Golden Whistle, it will make a piercing sound, which makes the whistle to instantly shatter in Link's hands. However, inexplicably, a black vortex closes in on him, and when Link wakes up, he is standing in the Triforce Room with the king and Princess Zelda, meaning he has successfully traveled back in time and gives him another chance to travel to the Water Town of Saria and obtain the Mirror of Truth.[6]

However, if the young hero does not use either of those items or does not have them, Link will gaze out the Tower window to see Charles riding away, and just as he is disappearing into the woods, his horse turns into a giant, winged lizard. The page ends with a Game Over as Link realizes that Charles is Ganon himself and has escaped with the Triforce of Wisdom.[7]


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