Totem Deku

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Totem Deku
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Totem Dekus are enemies in Tri Force Heroes.[1] They are a variant of Deku Scrubs.


Totem Dekus behave similarly to ordinary Deku Scrubs, in that they initially appear as shrubs of grass that pop up when the Links approach from a sizable distance, and then shoot nuts at them. Most Totem Dekus however have segmented bodies, making them appear much taller when they pop out. Their red segmented bodies are completely invulnerable to any attack, leaving only their heads vulnerable. To defeat them, the Links must form a Totem to reach their height. The top Link can then either slash his Sword if close enough, or fire a projectile, such as an Arrow from the Bow. Some Totem Dekus will bury themselves in the ground if approached, requiring the use of projectile weapons.

Although while most Totem Dekus have segmented bodies, occasionally only the head of one will pop up, which can be defeated by just one Link.


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