"Grandmother...I am Anju! Tortus was my dad..."

Tortus is a character mentioned in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is the deceased father of Anju and husband of Anju's Mother. Anju and Link are frequently mistaken for Tortus by Anju's Grandmother due to her apparent senility.


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Anju mentions that, while Tortus was alive, he ran the Stock Pot Inn cafeteria. After he passed away, however, his wife turned the building into an inn.

Following his death, his mother appears to be senile; thus, during the events of Majora's Mask, she often calls Anju and others by the name "Tortus". Anju constantly reminds her grandmother that Tortus is no longer alive, but she never appears to fully understand. There are a few hints in the game, however, that suggest that Anju's Grandmother is not actually senile. This is evidenced in her journal with hints that her mentioning Tortus may be her way of maintaining this illusion, which she uses to avoid eating Anju's cooking. Anju's Grandmother used to tell stories to Tortus when he was alive and was young. When Link comes to her, she mistakes him for Tortus and tells him two different types of stories, but only in daytime.

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