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Tools of the Trade
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Link talking to Isha, the jeweler who gives the Quest
Quest Giver Isha
Location Gerudo Town
Reward A choice between Topaz Earrings, a Sapphire Circlet or a Ruby Circlet
Access to the Starlight Memories Jewelry Shop

"Tools of the Trade" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


This Side Quest is one of four Quests needed to complete in order to help the people of Gerudo Town and receive the Thunder Helm from Riju in "The Thunder Helm" Side Quest. It is also required in order to access the Starlight Memories Jewelry Shop. Link can start the Quest by talking to the owner, Isha, who is standing right outside the shop in Gerudo Town. She tells Link that she has run out of the Flint she needs to make her shop's accessories.[2] She then says that if someone would just give her 10 Flint, she would offer a nice reward.[3] After Link gives her the 10 Flint she wants, she offers him a choice between three jeweled accessories for free.[4] Isha will make Link either Topaz Earrings, a Sapphire Circlet or a Ruby Circlet. After she makes Link the accessory of his choice, the Quest is complete and the Starlight Memories Jewelry Shop is now open for Link to purchase jeweled accessories whenever he pleases.


Stage Description
1 Isha, the jeweler, is in a bind. She ran out of the flint she needs to keep making her accessories. She says that she can reopen her store if you bring her 10 pieces of flint.
Complete Isha, the jeweler, ran out of flint and was feeling pretty worried. But since you brought her 10 pieces, she is able to reopen her store.


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