Toma is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Toma is a Hylian fashion-oriented traveler who can be found across Hyrule.


Toma rides across the path between Fort Hateno and Hateno Village. This implies that she is from Hateno Village, possibly living in one of the vacant houses made by Bolson Construction or lodging in The Great Ton Pu Inn. Upon being spoken to, she will state that Kakariko Village is a great place to buy clothes and has some of her favourite clothes for sale. She will claim she would go right then and there but she spent all of her rupees on her neckerchief.


Toma has long hair with a bun on the top just above her forehead. She holds this in place with an orange leather loop. She wears a red neckerchief (which she spent all of her rupees on), a white and red tunic, which resembles the Snowquill Tunic, green trousers and boots. She carries a backpack with a Hunter's Shield and a Traveler's Sword attached, though she never uses it, being on horseback. She is carried by a brown horse with a white and brown spotted rear end, a black muzzle, a black mane, a black tail and black eyes.