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Tolemac (pronounced /ˈtoʊləmæk/ TOH-lə-mak)[1] is the land that serves as the setting of Zelda's Adventure.[2] It is located in southeastern Hyrule.[2]


Sometime during Hyrule's history, the prince of darkness Ganon had taken siege of Tolemac, plummeting it and Hyrule into an Age of Darkness.[3] Link, who was adventuring in the land, was soon captured by Ganon.[4] The seven Celestial Signs were also stolen and hidden in Tolemac's Shrines,[5] guarded by Ganon's followers, the Shrine Keepers.[6] The guide Shurmak had sent Gaspra the astronomer a scroll, warning him of the events that have taken place. Gaspra searches for a brave warrior who can save Tolemac from its plight, and locates Princess Zelda and summons her as his chosen champion.[7]

Zelda travels across the land with the guidance of Shurmak and Gaspra, as she locates the Shrines and defeats their Shrine Keepers, while meeting many helpful characters who aid her in her quest and tricksters who try to delude her. Eventually she locates the final Celestial Sign in the Shrine of Fire, but a shadowy hand belonging to Ganon prevents her approach and sends her falling down the newly opened Vision Henge.[8] There Zelda combats the Shrine Keepers again in a series of rematches, before finally facing Ganon himself. She manages to defeat him, and he disappears in a tornado as his realm shatters. Link is rescued, and peace is restored as the lands of Hyrule and Tolemac enter an "Age of Lightness".[9][10]


As Tolemac is a region located in southeastern Hyrule, it is likely that it shares the same government as Hyrule; a monarchy ruled by the Royal Family. A number of citizens of Tolemac immediately recognize Zelda and refer to her as "their Princess" and "their lady",[11][12][13] further suggesting that Tolemac is under Royal Family rule.


Main article: Rupee

As with the rest of Hyrule, Tolemac's official currency is the jewel-like Rupee. Unlike Hyrule however, only two colors are used in Tolemac — blue and yellow, which are worth five and ten, respectively. Diamonds are also regarded as highly valuable, and a mined Diamond can be worth up to 999 Rupees.[14][15] These can be obtained from Coal mined in eastern Tolemac near the Plain of Hobel.

Rupees are accepted in most shops around Tolemac, but are most notably used to power and cast many of the Spells found in the land, as Rupees are valued for containing magical energy.[16]


The land of Tolemac is described as being part of southeastern Hyrule.[2] It is a diverse territory with several self-contained regions, including plains, forests, fields, mountains, a swamp, a desert, and a vast ocean coast. In the center of Tolemac is the Meadow of Skotness, which branches off to the country's other surrounding regions. To the south of the meadow is the barren Plain of Andor, where Zelda begins her journey at the plain's Vision Henge. A river and a small forest path, the Forest of Findo, borders between the two lands. The Forest of Ogbam can be found just south of the Plain of Andor, where Zelda finds the first dungeon, the Shrine of Earth. North of the Meadow of Skotness is the larger Forest of Torian, which leads to the volcanic region of the Forest of Canvula to the west, and the dry Ubato Hills to the east. A mountain road east of the Meadow of Skotness, called Great Dry Canyon, leads to the Seacoast Plain to the south. The swamp of Vendoss, also known as the Barachno Marsh, lies northeast of the coast, which can also be entered from the meadow side. East of Vendoss is the East Forest and Plain of Hobel, while north of the swamp lies the vast Gubasha Desert. The desert's northern region consists of a cold coastal cliff side by the sea. Although not part of the mainland, a small, deserted island known as Sea Island can be found in the ocean southeast, and can only be accessed by taking a Raft from Port Town.

Tolemac is home to several settlements scattered across the land. The largest town, Great Wimbich, is located close to the Meadow of Skotness. Ubato Hills is home to a tiny village. Port Town, true to its name, is a harbor town in southern Seacoast Plain home to mostly seafarers. The Vendoss swamp is the location of a hidden village, built as a secret refuge from Ganon's minions.[17] The South Gubasha Desert is also home to a small desert settlement. The remains of a village can also be found in the Forest of Canvula, but has since been destroyed and is now deserted save for a pair of Goblins remaining.

Aside from these towns, a number of houses and buildings can also be found around Tolemac, including a few lodges such as the Mobilin's Head Inn and the White Steed Lodge. The Shrine of Strength is also a fortress where people come to watch competitions of strength and power.


Tolemac is populated predominately by humans, although other creatures are known to inhabit the land as well. The Forest of Findo is home to a talking Mushroom, and a pair of Goblins live in the Forest of Canvula. Fairies also live in several ponds located throughout the land, and will heal Zelda's wounds when approached.


Tolemac is Camelot spelled backwards.



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