The Tokay are a race from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. They are anthropomorphic lizards who live on Crescent Island, off the coast of Labrynna. They value possessions and are known for being deceitful. The Tokay are also expert gardeners, able to grow Scent Seeds from seedlings over a course of four hundred years.

At one point, a number of Tokay steal Link's items when he is shipwrecked on Crescent Island. Link must track them down and at times even trade with them in order to get his items back. As Tokay have never seen anything beyond Crescent Island, they believe Link to be Tokay without a tail. They refer to him as a "Strange Tokay".

In the past, the Tokay avidly played a game called Wild Tokay, where the contestant must throw chunks of meat to a number of passing Tokay. A prize was given to the contestant should he manage to throw meat to each of the Tokay. In present times, there is only a museum left in memory of this game.

One Tokay, who happens to be a chef and lives on the east side of the island in the present, has a cold when Link visits him. Since he cannot smell, he is afraid that he will not be able to cook properly. Giving him the Stink Bag clears his sinuses, and as a reward, he presents Link with the Tasty Meat.


The Tokay are named after Tokay Geckos due to their similarly reptilian appearance.

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