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Toadpolis are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2][note 1]


Toadpolis are armored, two-legged Frogs-like enemies that are found in watery areas, swimming in Water. They act very similarly to Octoroks. They spit projectiles at Link which he can slice with his Sword or deflect them back, defeating the Toadpolis. If Link comes too close to them, they dive back under the Water.

Toadpolis grow into Deku Toads after a thousand years.[4]

Other Appearances

Link's Crossbow Training

In Link's Crossbow Training, Toadpolis appear in the "Zora River: Defender" Stage. The swim in the Zora's River and surface to spit projectiles at Link.


Their name may be a combination of the word "Toad" and the word "Polliwog," which is a synonym for "Tadpole".

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  1. Toadpolis were referred to as Water Toadpolis in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess — PRIMA Official Game Guide by Prima Games.[3] However, as this contradicts the name given in Encyclopedia, it is not considered Canon.


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