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Titan's Mitt
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Lift heavier Boulders

The Titan's Mitt is a recurring Item in The Legend of Zelda series.[1] It serves as an upgrade to the Power Glove.

Location and Uses

A Link to the Past

The Titan's Mitt is located in the Thieves' Town. It can lift heavier, dark boulders as well as Skulls in the Dark World. The Titan's Mitt is necessary for rescuing the Dwarven Swordsmith who is trapped in the Dark World and desires to return to his partner.[2] Upon reuniting, they happily offer to temper the Master Sword into the Tempered Sword for ten Rupees.[3]

A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, the Titan's Mitt is located in the Desert Palace. It allows Link to lift large boulders,[4] which is vital to reaching Zaganaga, the boss of the dungeon. Like the Power Glove, some large boulders also hide Maiamais beneath them, and require the Titan's Mitt to free them. Unlike the Titan's Mitt in A Link to the Past, the Titan's Mitt in A Link Between Worlds is not needed to lift and break Skulls in Lorule. When obtained, both the Power Glove and the Titan's Mitt are visible on Link's hands.[clarification needed]


  • In A Link to the Past, the Power Glove and Titan's Mitt subtly alter Link's sprite so that his hands are armored and no longer flesh-colored. This detail is absent from A Link to the Past & Four Swords.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseパワフルグラブ (Pawafuru Gurabu)[5]Powerful Glove
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