Old Man

The Tip of the Nose is a location from The Legend of Zelda. Located within Level 7, it is unknown where exactly the Tip of the Nose is; the Old Man in the dungeon informs Link that there is a secret at this location, but it is never made clear where this can be found. Despite this, there are two likely possibilities. The first is the northeastern corner of the map that contains a secret passage leading to the dungeon boss, Aquamentus, and the Triforce Piece it is guarding. The dungeon vaguely resembles a face with an open mouth, and this northeastern area is where the map curves up into a tip, slightly resembling a nose. This is the most probable solution to the riddle, as the Old Man's advice frequently refers to the Triforce Piece.

There is, however, another possibility; in the northwestern corner of the dungeon (the tip) there is a chamber filled with Rupees, which can only be accessed by bombing walls. Although less likely, this could be what the Old Man refers to when he mentions the secret in the Tip of the Nose.

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