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Tiny Link is a recurring character from The Legend of Zelda series. It is the form Link takes upon using the Gnat Hat or a Picori Portal. Becoming Tiny Link allows Link to traverse otherwise inaccessible areas; however, it also opens him up to new forms of damage given his smaller form, such as raindrops on Mount Crenel or violent insects. Sometimes, Tiny Link is controlled in the ordinary overworld as a very small character; other sections allow Link to be controlled at normal size, but zoomed into the smaller area. The sword is the only weapon Tiny Link can use in areas accessible as regular sized Link.


The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords

Link can become Tiny Link via the Gnat Hat, which is found on Item Podiums throughout the game. Using the Gnat Hat and becoming Tiny Link allows Link to enter areas and walk on platforms that are too small for him to access in his larger Hylian form. The Gnat Hat is used prominently in the first area of the Hero's Trial's gold door.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

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Tiny Link in Minish Woods

Link first becomes Tiny Link with the aid of Ezlo, who he finds in the Minish Woods being assaulted by Octoroks. With Ezlo's aid, Link uses a a Picori Portal to become Tiny Link, which grants him access to the Minish Village. Throughout his adventure, Link must periodically become Tiny Link to proceed; Link must shrink to gain the aid of various Minish characters, such as Melari, who aids him in creating the White Sword. Many other characters such as the Minish living in Hyrule Town, and areas, such as the Deepwood Shrine and Temple of Droplets, are only accessible as Tiny Link.

After defeating Vaati in Dark Hyrule Castle, Ezlo notes that the portal to the Minish World is closing, and returns there after bestowing Link a green cap of his own; without Ezlo, Link can no longer become Tiny Link.

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