Tinsuits are enemies from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. They appear only in the palaces, where they charge mindlessly in one direction. Tinsuits change direction upon running into a wall, but will walk straight into pits. Certain corridors have infinitely respawning Tinsuits.

Tinsuits have wolf-like heads and carry swords, but do not use them. Even early in the game, they do little damage to Link, but they deduct Experience points if they hit him and do not give Link any Experience upon defeat.

Due to their similar appearance to the boss Horsehead and the fact that their official name is not in the instruction manual, they are frequently mistaken as "mini-horseheads".

Non-canonical appearances

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The Legend of Zelda animated series

The Legend of Zelda animated series depicts Tinsuits as skilled fighters that are more human-like in appearance than in The Adventure of Link's official artwork. In the episode The White Knight, a group of Tinsuits attack a small village in Hyrule. Link fights them, and one drops a crossbow and a Red Rupee when defeated. While Link is distracted with the Rupee, another throws a spear and knocks Link's sword onto a roof, while another one puts Link in a headlock. Link kicks the dropped crossbow to Princess Zelda, who shoots arrows at the Tinsuits, allowing Link to escape.

When Link goes to retrieve the Rupee, one of the fallen Tinsuits trips him and grabs his ankle. The crossbow runs out of arrows after Zelda shoots once, leaving the hero and the princess helpless. The Tinsuit holding Link by the ankle blows into a horn, summoning a huge Octorok, which grabs Link with a tentacle and hurls him through a house. The Tinsuit and the Octorok immediately begin fighting over the Rupee, and soon Link, wielding a piece of wood from the house he was thrown through, joins the fight for the loot. The Octorok spits a large blue object at Link, who bats it away so it zaps the Tinsuit. When Link lassoes the Octorok with a rope, it drags him away. It is finally stopped by Prince Facade of Arcadia, a knight on a white horse wielding a crossbow and a shield.

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The name "Tinsuit" is a portmanteau of "tin" and "suit." The official artwork depicts Tinsuits wearing metal armor, which is presumably made of tin.

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